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New York Top Baby Boy Names Revealed In 2022

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New York Top Baby Boy Names Revealed In 2022

Many famous men call New York their birthplace. However, the first step in their notoriety was receiving a name following their birth. The list of New York's top baby names last year includes:

1. Liam

Liam is considered a powerful and emerging moniker given to boys. The offering holds Irish roots. When interpreted from said tongue, it honors strong-willed warriors. Additionally, the label is a variant of similarly sounding names such as William, Willem, and Wilhelm.

Like 2020, the name was still the most popular designation given to newborn males born in New York in 2021. Moreover, Liam's favor has grow significantly since 2011 when it was the 17th most popular boy's name recorded in the state. In 1971, the name did not even crack the top 100.

The denomination is also quite common on a national scale. In 2021, Liam was the most popular title given to boys in the U.S.

baby name Liam

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2. Noah

This offering holds Hebrew origins traceable as far back as biblical times. Noah was a prominent figure in the Old Testament. In English, the moniker is translated to mean rest or repose.

In 2021, the name was the second most popular male name handed down by New York parents. It held the same position in 2020. That said, 2011 records show that the name only came in at the 19th position. In 1971, Noah failed to crack the top 100. on a national level, Noah was the second most common moniker awarded to boys in 2021.

Baby name Noah

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3. Lucas

Lucas is another name commonly bestowed upon boys born within New York's borders. The designation possesses Latin heritage and interprets into the phrase the bringer of life. It can be spelled several different ways. Moreover, the label is a variation of Luke, who was one of Jesus's disciples.

This third most current popular title in New York held the same slot in 2020. The name has enjoyed a surge in favor since 2011 when it was only the state's 23rd most popularly recorded male denomination. The name did not register in the list's top 100 in 1971.

In accordance with 2021's national records, Lucas clocks in as the eighth most common title awarded to boys.

4. Joseph

This classical masculine title holds Hebrew ancestry and dates back to the biblical era. The label is taken from the Hebrew word yasal, which means to increase. Joseph is also known for being Jesus's earthly father.

According to statistics compiled in 2021, Joseph is the fourth most popular name awarded to boys in New York. The title is up one spot from the fifth position it occupied in 2020. The name has held its ground over the last 50 years. In 2011, it was the state's fourth most popular names. Records gathered from 1971 show that the moniker ranked seventh.

However, the title did not rank in the 2021 listing of top 10 of names given to boys across America.

Baby name Joseph


5. Jacob

Jacob continues to be a common boy's title. In Hebrew, it represents a supplanter. Moreover, its roots were first planted during biblical times and depicted a figure factoring prominently in the Old Testament.

In 2021, the designation was the fifth most common label bestowed upon infant males. The ranking was down one spot from the fourth position it corralled in 2020. The name has dipped in popularity from 2011 when it registered as the second most popular boy's name in New York. However, the name's favor is a relatively recent phenomenon. According to 1971 statistics, Jacob did not crack the top 100 of similar lists.

The name did not make the list of the top 10 most popular boys names in the United States.

Baby name Jacob

6. James

James has and continues to be a quite common male title. The name is the Scottish version of Jacob and means supplanter. A version of the good book called the King James Bible is commonly read.

The title ranks as New York's sixth most popular name for boys in 2021. This is up three slots from the ninth place it held the previous year. The name has grown precipitously in esteem since 2011 when New York parents made it the 20th most common name for boys. That said, the name does enjoy some historical respect and consistency. In 1971, it was also the sixth most common moniker on similar listings.

James is currently the fifth most common boy's name in the United States.

Baby name James

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7. Benjamin

This Hebrew name first grew to notoriety as a major figure in the Old Testament. In literal terms, the label means son of the right hand.

Benjamin is currently the seventh most popular male title in New York. This is up one position from the eighth slot it held in 2020. This most recent reverence being shown the moniker is a drastic increase from the 24th position it occupied in 2011. In 1971, the name stood at a distant 67th place.

That said, Benjamin holds the seventh ranking in the category of most commonly awarded boy names in 2021 America.


8. Ethan

When interpreted from Hebrew, Ethan represents strength, safety, and firmness. It also grew to prominence in the Old Testament.

Ethan is currently the eighth most common boy's name in New York. This ranking is down two spots from the sixth position it possessed in 2020. In 2011, the title also ranked sixth. The designation's popularity is a somewhat recent occurrence. In 1971, the name could not be found in the top 100.

This moniker is not amongst the current 10 most popular boy names in America.

9. Michael

Michael is a timeless and common male denomination. The Hebrew language is credited with its creation. In said tongue, Michael is translated into the expression who is like God?

Currently, the title is listed as the ninth most popular moniker New York parents bestowed upon newborn males in 2021. The position is a two slot decrease from the seventh ranking it enjoyed the previous year. In both 2011 and 1971, the name ranked as the most popular.

Somewhat surprisingly, however, Michael does not currently crack the top 10 most common boy names in the United States.

baby name Michael


10. Oliver

Oliver is a male title enjoying an ever-growing emergence. It originated in the Old Norse language and symbolizes success, dignity, and beauty.

At the present time, the name is New York's 10th most popular boy name. It has crept up from the 12th position it owned in 2020. A decade ago, the title was only listed as the state's 81st most popular male label. In 1971, Oliver was not found in the top 100.

In 2021, the honorific was ranked the third most commonly awarded boy's name across the United States.

Baby name Oliver


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