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The name Anthony is a popular one, evoking a sense of control and triumph. It's fairly popular in film and TV as well as on the sports field. Here are some interesting facts about this baby name as well as some great middle name pairings.

Meaning of the name Anthony:

Latin: highly priceworthy

Origin of the name Anthony:

Before the 17th century, the name Anthony was used by the Roman family as Antonius. The latest version, which we now know as Anthony was later evolved in the 17th century. It is also derived from the name Antoni from the Roman family, Anton from Dutch origin, and Antoine in French. Anthony is also derived from the Greek name Anthos which means flower.

The symbolism of the name Anthony:

The Greek origin of the name Antony is Anthos. Anthos means flowers. In Greece, flowers are a symbolism of the youthfulness, beauty, and pleasure of something. In Ancient Latin and Greek, it is a symbolism of something praiseworthy and strong.

Style of the name Anthony:

The name Anthony has been used by almost all generations since time immemorial. It became more common to Christians in the 4th century after Saint Anthony. It was there in the tradition of most countries, such as in Greece, where it was derived from Anthos. In the classic world and the new age, we all know it as Anthony. That means that the style has evolved from traditional style and later on to the new-age style.

Gender of the name Anthony:

The name Anthony is masculine. Male gender from Latin, Ancient Greek, Ancient Greece, and Etruscan were given the name Anthony in different variations. Antonius was the most common of them all.

It is considered unisex in the diminutive form of Antonia. Countries that use the name Anthony for both genders (m/f) include Greece, Norway, Finland, and Sweden.

Pronunciation of the name Anthony:


Number of syllables in the name Anthony:


The emotion evoked from the name Anthony:

People named Anthony are winners, and they are associated with triumph. The name, therefore, evokes the feeling of doing whatever it is that has to be done to conquer. It also shows confidence and heroism.

Alternative spellings for Anthony:

Alternative spellings for Anthony include Anthoni, Anthonie, and Anthoney.

Nicknames for the name Anthony:

The most common name in the list for Anthony's nicknames is Tony. Other nicknames include Ant, Anton, Antwan, and Nat. There are other names that people associate Anthony with according to roles played by people in movies or films. Such titles include Iron-man and Ant-man.

The popularity of the name Anthony:

Anthony was the 7th most popular name in the United States of America as of 2008. In 2009, the name ranked 38 on the list. In the United Kingdom, the popularity of the name was at the peak in 1940. In 1944 it appeared 6th in the most popular male baby names.

Related Names for Anthony:

Antony, Antonio, Anton, Antonis, Antoine, Antun, Ante, Anton, Anto, Tonini

Great middle names for Anthony and their meanings:

  • Mark (Consecrated of God)
  • Edson (Son of Edward)
  • Martin (Protective god)
  • Brian (Noble)
  • Richard (Brave)
  • Steven (Honor, Reward)
  • John (Graced by God)
  • Michael (Gift from God)
  • Daniel (Judge)
  • Junior (Young)
  • Hector (Check)
  • Leonardo (Strong as a lion)
  • Wilson (Son of will)
  • Juan (God is gracious)
  • Henry (Ruler)
  • Jimmy (Supplanter)
  • Jeison (Healer)
  • Marcelo (Little warrior)
  • Kevin (Handsome)
  • Jaime (God protection

Famous people with the name Anthony:

Anthonys in movies/pop culture:

  • Anthony Anderson (Character in the TV show “Law and Order” and the 2007 movie Transformers.)
  • Anthony Michael Hall (American actor in movies The Breakfast Club, Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Sixteen Candles.
  • Anthony Ramos (He is a stage actor who played the roles of Phillip Hamilton and John Laurens in the Broadway musical Hamilton in 2005.
  • Anthony Hopkins (Actor in The Silence of Lambs and The Mask of Zorro.)
  • Anthony Phillips (guitarist)
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