From Bearach to Grannus to Ambrose and beyond, each option on this list of boy names that mean magic is filled with curiosity and intrigue. Explore the list and find the perfect name for your little boy.

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  • Aether In Greek mythology, Aither (or Aether) is a primordial god who personifies upper, pure air that the gods breathe, much unlike the normal close to earth air breathed by humans.
  • Albus – Coming from the Latin word for “white” or “bright”, Albus is a male name made magical thanks to the character Albus Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series.
  • Alvin Alvin is a male name that comes from English origins. It means both “noble” and “friend of the elves”.
  • Ambrose Oozing upper class sophistication, the male name Ambrose means “immortal”. It was the name of St. Ambrose, a fourth century doctor in the Christian church.
  • Anulap As the Polynesian god of magic, Anulap is an unusual choice for a boy's name. However, it is certainly unique and stands out.
  • Bearach – Bearach is an Irish Gaelic male name which means “spear”. It certainly sounds like a name you'd hear in a Dungeons and Dragons style game or on Game of Thrones.
  • Bruxo Hailing from the Portuguese language, Bruxo is a male name that means “wizard”.
  • Castiel – Fans of the show Supernatural adore the angel character Castiel. His name is Hebrew for “my cover is God”, evoking a Christian essence of magic.
  • Chiron – Pronounced Kie-Ron, Chiron is a mythical Greek centaur known for his wisdom. In Greek, Chiron derives from the word kheir, meaning “hand.”
  • Dewin – Dewin comes from the Gaelic male name O Daimhin, which is derived from the word damh which means “an ox” or “a stag.”
  • Galdur Galdur is an Icelandic male name of Norse origins. It means “magic”.
  • Gandalf – Made famous by J.R.R. Tolkien, the name Gandalf is from the Old Norse word gandr, meaning “wand, staff, or cane” and álfr, meaning “elf”.
  • Grannus Celtic in its origins, Grannus is the name of a Celtic deity known for his healing abilities.
  • Gwydion This Welsh male name means both “born of the trees” and “god of magic”. It was popularized in the mid-1900s by singer and witch Gwydion Pendderwen.
  • Heka In Ancient Egyptian mythology, Heka was the god of magic.
  • Hermes Meaning “interpreter”, Hermes is a male name that comes from Greece. In Greek mythology, Hermes was the messenger of the gods, known for his speed and bringing good luck.
  • Jadoo Jadu (JAH-doo) is a Persian male name. It means “magical”. Jadu is a variation.
  • Kesem In the Hebrew language, Kesem means “magic” and is most commonly used for boys.
  • Kiano Hailing from the Kikuyu of Kenya, Africa, Kiano can mean “tool of the wizard”. It also means “wind in the waves”, “whirlwind”, and “fresh wind”.
  • Lugus In the Welsh language, Lugus means “shine”. This boy's name derives from Lleu (also Welsh), which is the name of an ancient Celtic deity.
  • Magus Pronounced “MAH-gus”, this Latin male name means “mage” or “sorcerer”.
  • Ninazu Hailing from Ancient Sumerian religion, Ninazu is the god of healing and the underworld.
  • OdinOdin is a relatively popular male name in Europe. It is Scandinavian origin and means “frenzy”, “inspiration”, and “rage”. In Norse mythology, Odin is father of all the gods. He rules over art, war, wisdom, and death.
  • Taranis A masculine name meaning “thunder”, Taranis is the Celtic god of thunder, serving as the equivalent of the Norse god Thor.
  • Varázslat An unpopular name choice, Varázslat (pronounced va‧rázs‧lat) is a the Hungarian word for “magic”.
  • Woden Woden is an Anglo-Saxon variant of Odin. This name means “king of the gods”.

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