For a unique and inspiring take on a baby name, check out this selection of girl names that mean moon or stars. Each name is interesting and impactful. Explore the options and pick out the perfect name for your daughter!

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  • Celeste – From the Latin word caelestis or “heavenly,” this could be a baby name that's simply divine. It invokes a celestial feeling but has an even deeper meaning.
  • DanicaDanica is an old Slavic name that means “morning star.” Traditionally, it's pronounced DAH-nee-tsa, but modern parents also use dah-NEE-kah.
  • SkyeA more feminine version of plain old Sky, this name could inspire your little one to dizzying new heights!
  • Sunniva Derived from old Norse, Sunniva means “gift of the sun,” and she's also a patron saint in her native country of Norway. Possible nicknames include Sunny, Niv, and Niva.
  • Citlali Hailing from the Native American language Nahuatl, this is an utterly unique baby name that means “star.”
  • Reeva Reeva means something akin to “shore” or “riverbank” in its original Sanskrit, but it's also commonly used to mean “one who guides” such as a river or a star.
  • Alcyone Part of a brilliant open star cluster, Alcyone is also one of the seven sisters of Pleiades in Greek mythology. It can be pronounced al-KEE-oh-nee or al-SEE-oh-nee.
  • Chantrea Chantrea means “moon” in the Khmer language of Cambodia, making it both ancient and elegant.
  • NovaThough it literally means “new,” Nova has celestial connotations thanks to the word “supernova.” It could be a baby girl's name that really burns bright!
  • Elanor – Elanor dates back to Europe in the early 1100s, but if you want a cosmos-inspired name, tell people that your daughter is named for the meaning “sun star” in The Lord of the Rings.
  • Mahina Mahina is a Polynesian name meaning “moon.” It's pronounced mah-HEE-na.
  • Venus It's a planet, of course, but did you know that Venus has been called “the morning star” for thousands of years? It's been a symbol of divinity for countless cultures around the world.
  • Etoile Etoile is the European version of Astra. It literally means “star.”
  • Cassiopeia Another name from the intersection of Greek mythology and constellations, Cassiopeia is both beautiful and timeless. It could be used as a more sophisticated alternative to something like Cassie or Cassandra.
  • Twila In classic Hebrew, Twila means “woven of two threads,” but most people will assume a more English origin: twilight.
  • Mani – Mani is a girl's name that comes from the Old Norse word mani meaning “moon.” It also means “jewel” in Sanskrit for another shining meaning.
  • Vespera This is another baby name with a distinctly vintage feeling. It means “evening star,” so it has a kind of old Hollywood glam mixed with otherworldly origins.
  • Dione Dione is one of Saturn's moons, but it also means “divine queen” in its native Greek, so it could be a mighty name for a little girl who will grow up strong.
  • Yvaine – The name Yvaine comes from Arthurian mythology, but it's also the name of a fallen star in the form of a woman from Neil Gaiman's novel Stardust.
  • Nashira Nashira is a star name that also means “bringer of good news” in Arabic, so if your little bundle of joy is the best thing that's ever happened to you, it could be quite fitting.
  • Esmeray Esemary is another lyrical name that comes from the Turkish language. It means “dark moon” and was once the name of a famous Afro-Turkish singer.
  • Sitara Sitara comes from Urdu, a beautiful language spoken in India and the Middle East. It means “star” and is related to similar Persian names like Setareh and Setare.
  • Realtin Meaning “little star,” Realtin might be a bit hard to pronounce for the non-Irish, but it does sound gorgeous: RAYL-teen.
  • Andromeda When a star isn't big enough, try an entire galaxy! Andromeda is a large and powerful name, and it has endless nickname potential, too. Think Andi, Romi, Eda, Eddie, and more.
  • NeomaPronounced nee-OH-ma, Neoma comes from the Greek word for “new moon.” It's unique, gorgeous, and just a bit mysterious, so it'll be perfect for a baby girl that signifies new beginnings.

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