From Deirdre to Desdemona to Blaise and beyond, this list of baby names that mean misfortune is filled with a wide variety of options. Explore each of these names and find the perfect fit for your little one.

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  • Desdemona Desdemona is a dark and beautiful name with Greek origins. It means “ill-starred” or “ill-fated.”
  • Ajal Ajal is a male baby name that means “dying hour” or “hour of death” in Arabic. It's also associated with fate, destiny, and other things that you can't escape.
  • Hecate Don't anger a girl named Hecate! She'll be able to harness the power of death, witchcraft, and the underworld, bringing misfortune on anyone who messes with her.
  • Jerimoth Jerimoth is a powerful name for a little boy. It means “he who fears and rejects death.”
  • KillianWith Celtic roots, Killian is sometimes translated as “strife.” Another spelling is Cillian, but make sure to pronounce it with a hard “K.”
  • MalloryMallory means “unfortunate” or “ill-fated.” It's one of the rare unisex names with this meaning.
  • Kritanta A name from Indian mythology, Kritanta is the god of death and sometimes extinction. This could be a remarkable baby name for a boy with a lot of power behind it.
  • Blaise – Blaise comes from the Latin word blaesus meaning “lisp,” an unlucky trait for a baby to have. It can also be a reference to the French word blasé which means “apathetic or unconcerned.”
  • Ahlai Ahlai is a Hebrew name with origins in the Bible. It means “beseeching” or “pleading.” It's often included in lists of dark baby names that aren't afraid to do something different.
  • Jela Parents who have had a difficult pregnancy, this one is for you. Jela comes from the Swahili language and means “father who suffered during birth.”
  • Harald Harald is a Scandinavian name that means “army ruler” or sometimes “hard ruler.” It was also the name of Harald Hardrada, one of the last great Vikings.
  • Jinx – Also spelled Jynx, this is a spell or curse placed on someone to cause trouble. It comes from the Latin word iynx meaning “a bird used in witchcraft.”
  • Jolon Pronounced huh-LONE, this is a rare Native American name with an even rarer meaning: “valley of the dead oaks.” It can have a kind of dark glamor for those who like the less blessed sides of nature.
  • Deirdre Meaning “sorrowful” or “broken-hearted,” Deirdre is a Irish Gaelic name that comes from a mythological tale of a queen with a tragic fate.
  • Acantha Acantha is a female baby name that means “thorn” or “prickle.” A similar male name is Acacius or “thorny.” Give this to your baby to signify hidden strength beneath their beautiful exterior.
  • LilithMeaning “ghost” or more literally “night monster,” Lilith is a baby girl name that can both cause and experience misfortune.
  • Doyle Of Irish origin, Doyle means “dark stranger.” It could be a very brooding and mysterious name for a boy.
  • Aite Pronounced AYE-t, Aite is a name from Greek mythology. She's the goddess of mischief, misfortune, ruin, and delusion. She's famous for leading men to folly and often their own deaths.
  • Shabina A graceful name from the Middle East, Shabina means “eye of the storm.”
  • RavenA raven is often considered a bad omen, but it can also be a creature of insight, intelligence, and longevity. Additionally, it's a great baby name!
  • Cessair The granddaughter of Noah who died in the flood, Cessair was considered a tragic figure full of misfortune, so it's fitting that her name means “affliction” or “sorrow.”
  • Aella A Greek name, Aella means “whirlwind,” which can have both positive and negative connotations when used to describe your little one.
  • Keket A unique name from Egyptian mythology, Keket is the goddess of darkness.
  • Brona – Though recently popularized by the show Penny Dreadful, Brona is a vintage name that dates back centuries in Ireland. It means “sadness” and is pronounced BRO-nuh. You can also spell it Bronagh.
  • Tristana Tristana has different meanings depending on its country of origin, but they all revolve around similar themes, including “tumult,” “sorrow,” and “misfortune.”

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