If you envision a joyous and delightful life for your daughter, give her one of these girl names that mean spirit. Each is unique and feminine — from Amina to Batya to Lilith and beyond. Peruse the options and find the perfect name for your sweet daughter.

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  • Imamamu Meaning “spiritual guide,” this African Swahili name is not heard of in the U.S. making it a good choice for originality. This name has three syllables.
  • Elani A beautiful name for girls meaning “light that comes into the soul,” Elani sounds sweet, it is easy to spell and pronounce, and isn't overly used in the U.S. The name has Indian origin.
  • Dusanka A variant of the name Dusa, Dusanka is a cute name for girls meaning “soul spirit.”Girls names Dusanka are said to be charming people.
  • Morrigan This name has modern flair with old charm. It is easy to say and is a variation of the name Morgan. This cute name for girls means “phantom queen.” The name is from Irish mythology.
  • Batya A good name for religious parents, Batya means “daughter of God.” The name is of Hebrew origin.
  • Yurei A pure name for girls meaning “soul” or “spirit,” Yurei has Japanese origin where it is a fairly popular name.
  • Kachina This fun name means “spirit.” It has Native American origin. There is a line of dolls named Kachina dolls.
  • Amina A beautiful three-syllable name for girls, Amina means “tiny spirit.”
  • ValerieA popular name for girls meaning “strong spirit and soul,' the name Valerie has a French designation.
  • Nurzhan Of Persian and Arabic origin, the name Nurzhan is unique, and while somewhat difficult to pronounce, a modern and easy-to-spell name meaning “light soul.”
  • Hehewuti A Native American name meaning “Warrior mother spirit,” Hehewuti is a four-syllable name for girls rarely heard in the U.S.
  • Banafrit Quiet the unusual name in the U.S. Banafrit means “beautiful soul.” The name is of Egyptian origin.
  • Mujahid An Arabic name meaning “soul,” Muhjah is easy to pronounce and very unique in the U.S. and countries outside the Middle East.
  • Keres A name derived from Greek mythology, Keres means “evil spirit.” It is a cute name given to girls.
  • Yennifer A great variation of the name Jennifer, the name Yennifer means “white spirit.” It is an unusual, fun name.
  • Alsie This name for girls means “strong-spirited.” It is of Greek origin. Girls with this name are said to be strong leaders and teachers who show others the right way.
  • Immoya This name for girls is unique and cute. It is somewhat difficult to pronounce. It means “spirits” in Zulu.
  • Pneuma In the Christian sense, the name Pneuma means “spirit.” It also means “breath” and is of ancient Greek origin.
  • Mamua Meaning “God is with us,” Mamua is a good name choice for parents seeking a name inspired by “spirit.” The name is of Hebrew origin.
  • Valda Meaning “spirited in war,” Valda is of Teutonic origin. It is the feminine version of the name Valdis.
  • Malin A name of English origin, Malin means “strong little warrior.” Parents in Scandinavia often choose this name for their sons.
  • LilithThis name for girls means “ghost” or “belonging to the night.” This pleasant-sounding name has a dark history, the name of a demonic figure of Jewish folklore.
  • Jeongsin Parents searching for a Korean name meaning spirit will like Jeongsin. The unusual name is rarely heard of, making it an original name choice.
  • Phi A short name for girls of Laothian origin, Phi means “ghost.”
  • Euthymios A name meaning “in good spirits,” Euthymios is of Greek origin.

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