Instill a leadership quality in your daughter from day one when you give her one of these girl names that mean ruler. Each is feminine and strong — from Matilda to Zelda to Hattie and beyond. Explore the options — complete with meaning and origin — and find the perfect name for your daughter.

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  • ZeldaZelda is the name of a popular video game and a warrior. The name is modern and fun to say. It has two syllables and means “strong woman, grey fighting maiden.” It is a form of the name Griselda.
  • HattieThe name Hattie means “home ruler.” It's of American origin and is the name of the first African American woman to win an Acadamy Award, Hattie McDaniel in Gone With the Wind.
  • AmirahThis name means “princess.” It has an Arabic origin. This sweet name for girls is not overly used, helping parents maintain uniqueness in her name.
  • Uiseann A cute name for girls meaning “conqueror,” Uiseann has a Latin origin. Farika: A name of French origin, Farika means “tranquil leader.” This name isn't one often heard in the U.S.
  • Orla The name Orla means “golden ruler.” It is of Celtic origin.
  • Jagadisha This name means “leader of the world.” It is of Sanskrit origin.
  • Gerda The old-fashioned name Gerta is rarely used these days. It means “spear of strength” and has Old High German origin.
  • MatildaThe name Matilda means “battle-mighty.” It is of German origin. The vintage name still has flair today and is remarkably popular, though unique enough she won't get lost in the mix of names in the crowd.
  • Dericka The name Dericka is a form of the boy's name Derrick. It means “gifted ruler” and has English origin.
  • Jericka Jericka is a girl's name meaning “gifted ruler,” “Kind, generous.” The name is unique, fun to say, and easy to spell. It has a modern touch. It has American origins.
  • Khanpasha A three-syllable name for girls meaning “ruler, leader,” this name has Turkish origin. Do not expect your girl to share this name with other people since it is so unusual.
  • Zo The name Zo means “spiritual leader.” It is of African origin and is more commonly used as a nickname.
  • EricaThe feminine version of the male name Eric, Erica means “eternal ruler.” The name has Old Norse origin.
  • Malika This strong name for girls means “Queen.” It is cute, fun, and sassy.
  • Damaris A girl's name of Greek origin, Damaris is a simple and cute name meaning “dominant woman.” It's a unique name inspired by a ruler.
  • LandryThis cute name means “powerful ruler of the land.” It has a Germanic origin.
  • Harriet The girl's name Harriet means “estate ruler.” It has Aubrey: Meaning “ruler of the elves,” the girl's name Aubrey has German and French origin. This name has been in the Top 50 Most Popular Names since 2008.
  • Alamgir This Indian baby name means “conqueror of the world.” It's most often used in the Muslim religion.
  • Vlatka Meaning “peaceful ruler,” the name Vlatka has Russian origin. Girls with this name are said to be genuine and artistic.
  • MeredithThe name Meredith means “great Lord.” It is of Welsh origin. It was originally a name for boys.
  • Bellona This beautiful name for girls means “goddess of battle,” a good name choice when you want a dominant, powerful name. It has three syllables.
  • Sasaska In Nepali, Sasaska means “ruler.” This is an exquisite and original name for a beautiful baby girl.
  • Avyana The girl's name Avyana means “strong, beautiful, powerful woman.” It is a sweet name that is easy to pronounce. The name has American origins.
  • Rica The feminine form of the masculine name Rico, the name Rica means “strong ruler.” The name has Old Norse origin.
  • Maude Also spelled Maud, this name means “powerful battler.” It has Old German origins. The name is most popular in France.

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