This list of girl names that mean leader is filled with a vast selection of feminine and impactful options. Explore the options below, and find a name for your daughter that lays the foundation of a life of leadership.

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  • AmirahSpelled both Amira and Amirah, this name means either queen or ruler. Amirah comes from an old Arabic name for royalty.
  • Aurbrianna One of the more unique names that mean the leader is Aubrinnna, which is an alternative to Aubrey. It has American roots and ranks as one of the top 1,000 baby names.
  • Contessa A unique name that means leader is Contessa. This name can also stand for royalty and has roots in the United Kingdom.
  • Daria The name Daria means kingly and can show that a girl will be a good leader. Daria was also the name of an animated character and has Latin origins.
  • Dericka As the female version of Derick, Dericka means gifted ruler. This name is very trendy and also serves as an alternative to Erica.
  • Elva Elva is an unusual name that means the leader of the elves. It now serves as a modern version of the traditional name Ailbhe.
  • EricaErica is a girl's name that parents can spell in different ways, which means an eternal leader. This name is very popular in both the United States and Scandinavia.
  • FallonFallon is an Irish name that means a strong female leader. Many people associate the name with the Dynasty character.
  • Frieda Frieda is a name that means peaceful leader or ruler. It has Spanish roots and was the name of a popular artist, which led to it becoming more common in the 1950s.
  • Geraldine This name comes from an ancient word used to describe someone who ruled and lead with a spear. A fun nickname for Geraldine is Gerry.
  • Harriet Harriet is a British name that means the ruler or leader of a house/estate. It is also the name of the main character in the classic book Harriet the Spy.
  • HattieHattie is a girl's name that means the small/little leader/ruler of the house. Though it began as a nickname for Harriet, it now serves as a full name on its own.
  • HenriettaThe name Henrietta means the female ruler of the estate. This name has British roots where it began as the female version of the boy's name Henry.
  • Iolani Iolani is a name that means hawk of royalty and shows how the hawk leads others. Parents will find that the name has roots in both Hawaii and Jamaica.
  • Kendra Kendra is s Welsh name that means a smart female leader. It is the female version of Kendrick and became popular in the United States in the 1990s and 2000s.
  • Maelys In French, Maelys means chief or princess and refers to a female leader. Maelys is an alternative to Miley and similar names.
  • Malika The name Malika translates to a female ruler. This name is popular in different cultures and regions such as Africa and Australia.
  • Mazarine Mazarine is a French name that means leader or ruler. Though Mazarine is a traditional name that dates back to at least the 1700s, it is unique when used today.
  • PiperThough Piper originally referred to someone who played the pipe, it later evolved to stand for a ruler or leader. Piper was also the name of one of the characters on the popular show Charmed.
  • Raidah In Arabic, the name Raidah means female leader. It is also a popular name among Muslims.
  • Raisa Raisa is a fun name that means leader along with rose and easygoing. This name comes from Russia but also has roots in Arabic and Yiddish cultures.
  • Rona Rona is a Scottish name that refers to a strong and smart ruler or leader. The name is popular in Spain and Wales and is a female version of the name Roland.
  • Sophrona Sophrona is an ancient name that means someone who has the control needed to lead. It has Greek roots and dates back to the seventh century.
  • Vlatka Vlatka comes from the boy's name Vladamir and refers to a great and strong leader. This name is popular in Croatia and other eastern European regions.
  • Zora Zora is an unusual name that shows a child is strong and can lead others. It is most often associated with Zora Neale Hurston who was a black writer.

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