Whether you intend to treat your child like a queen or simply envision a royal life for them, peruse this list of baby names that mean queen. From Walda to Rainy and beyond, this list is filled with a variety of beauty and intriguing names. Take a look!

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  • Zenzalee: African name means “gift, queen, or princess.” The name sounds sweet and serious, yet gives parents a modern and unique name for their little bundle of joy.
  • Ayuke: name originates from Turkey. It means “queen of the moon.”
  • Juno: Latin origin, Juno means Queen of the Wolves or Queen of the Heavens. The name works well for both a boy and girl.
  • Donnelle: name has Gaelic origins and means “world leader.” It works as a girl's name, giving visions of a sweet, flowery queen. When used as a boy's name, it takes a masculine form of superiority.
  • Quinton: “Queen's Town,” the name Quinton is interchangeable for boy or girl. The name isn't common these days but used now and again, making it suitable for parents seeking originality in their child's name.
  • Rainy: name has American origins. It means “queen; abundant blessings.” The name has simple edginess many parents appreciate.
  • Teuta: Albanian name means “queen.” The name can be used as a girl or boy name, although most often used to name a girl.
  • Jemisha: from the Sanskrit language, the name Jemisha has Indian roots. It serves as a bold name for a boy or girl.
  • Raja: name originates from Hindu. In many languages, the name means “queen or ruler.” The name is used for both boys and girls in countries like Israel.
  • Agrata: Indian origin, the name Agrata means “war leader, taking the lead.” It's most often used as a girl's name but can suffice as a boy's name just as easily.
  • Vlatka: name has Slavic and Croatian origins. The name means ” peaceful, great leader.”
  • Fritzi: name Fritzi is the diminutive of Deferica. It has German origins and means “queen or ruler.”
  • Walda: This name has German origins. It means “ruler.”
  • Ladomir: is an easier version of Vladimir that appeals to many new parents. It has Russian origins and suits boys and girls.
  • Riona: beautiful name that rolls off the tongue, Riona is a unique, flattering name that means “queenly.” The name has an Irish heritage.
  • Avery: name great for a boy or a girl, Avery has an English origin and means “ruler of the elves.”
  • Thierry: variation of the name Theresa, this name is suitable for girls and boys. It means “ruler of the people.” Naming your child Theirry allows them to possess a unique and powerful name.
  • Deon: name meaning “divine queen,” the name has a secondary meaning of “valley” so it suits boys and girls. The name has German origins.
  • Isolde: “ice ruler,” the name Isolde fits well for boys and girls. The name comes from Welsh origin.
  • Royal: cannot find a name more fitting for a future queen. Royalty is an alternative version worthy of consideration for your baby.
  • Kala: Hawaiian origin, this name is sweet and carefree, great to name a girl and workable as a boy's name.
  • Ratu: A name with Indonesian heritage, Ratu means “queen.”
  • Iphigenia: “of royal birth,” Iphigenia has Greek origins. It is a rarely used name, giving parents a unique name choice. The history of the name could potentially sway parents from considering the name for their child. Iphigenia was sacrificed by her own father.
  • Zolten: name Zolten means “great ruler.” It's modern flair makes the name a top choice for many new parents.
  • Derek: name meaning “people ruler,” it can easily be changed to Dereka when used as a girl's name. It is a popular name but isn't overly used.

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