Whether your son is born a natural leader or it's a role he grows into, each of these boy names that mean leader will lay the foundation for such a life. From Duke, which means ruler or leader of an estate, to Fritz, which means peaceful ruler, this collection of baby names is rich in selections, each more handsome than the one before. Take a look!

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  • AbrahamThough Abraham has different meanings, it often stands for a strong leader. Many parents named their children this in honor of President Lincoln.
  • Alaric Alaric is a boy's name that means a strong and powerful leader. This name has ancient Goth roots and works with the nickname of Ric.
  • Aldrich The name Aldrich stands for a wise or smart leader. This name has English roots and initially referred to an intelligent ruler.
  • ArnoldArnold is a name that shows someone is strong and capable of leading others. Many celebrities have this name, which uses the nickname of Arnie.
  • Bardick Parents looking for an unusual name that means ruler or leader might choose Bardick. It has Old English roots and stood for someone who ruled with his ax.
  • DonaldDonald is a classic name that has English roots and means proud leader. Donnie is a popular nickname that goes along with this name.
  • DukeThe name Duke comes from the British title and means ruler/leader of an estate. Duke brings to mind power and someone who can inspire others.
  • Eero This Finnish name is a classic one that means eternal ruler. Though this name is not as popular as it once was, it has many fans.
  • Frederich Frederich is an old English name that means peaceful ruler. Also spelled Frederick, it has nicknames that include Fred and Freddie/Freddy.
  • Fritz Many believe that Fritz came about as a nickname for Frederick because it is similar and also means peaceful ruler. Fritz also became a last name over the years.
  • GuyGuy comes from a French word that means a leader or guide. One of the characters from The Mighty Ducks had this name.
  • HenryParents choose Henry as it means someone who rules or leads a state. It is the male version of Henrietta and ranked among the top names for baby boys every year since World War II.
  • King One of the top names that mean leader or ruler is King. This name comes from the royal title and spread from the United Kingdom to other regions.
  • Mael Mael is an ancient name that means chief and the person who ruled a clan. As one of the oldest names around, it first appeared during the fifth century.
  • Mircea Mircea means peaceful leader and was the name of a ruler from medieval times. This name was very popular among early Romans.
  • Quade Quade stands for the ruler or leader of an army. It has Gaelic roots and is one of the more unique boy's names that stand for leader.
  • RichardThe name Richard means dominant leader or ruler and has ancient roots. Some of the popular nicknames for Richard include Rich and Dick.
  • RonaldRonald is a name that means wise leader or ruler. It is the male version of the names Rona and Veronica and is associated with the nickname Ronnie.
  • Ryne Parents looking for an ancient name that means leader may choose Ryne. This unique name means a small or little king.
  • SahilA unique name that means powerful leader or ruler is Sahil. Sahil is a Hindi name that can also mean guide.
  • Thierry Thierry is an old name from France that means the ruler or leader of the people. It is a unique alternative to the traditional name Terry.
  • Vladamir Vladamir is a strong name that means renowned leader or ruler. This name has Russian roots and is the first name of Putin.
  • WalterWalter was the name of several explorers and now means the leader of an army. Breaking Bad brought more attention to the name with the show's character of Walter White.
  • Warrick The name Warrick has English roots and means a strong and powerful leader who defends others. Actor Warrick Davis made the name more popular.
  • Zolten In Hungary, this boy's name means sultan or ruler and can also mean leader. Zolten is a unique yet traditional name.

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