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Ronald is a name fit for a ruler. This classic baby name actually has deep Scandinavian ties that make it a soulful choice. Ronald is a strong name that commands respect. Many people associate it with icons like Ronald Reagan. Keep reading to find out why parents continue to embrace Ronald as a popular name.

Meaning of the name Ronald:

Old English: Ruler, wise counsel
Old Norse: Having God's power

Origin of the name Ronald:

Scandinavian. It's believed that Ronald is derived from the name Ragnvaldr that consists of the words “reign” and “valdr.” The translation roughly means “wise ruler.”

Symbolism of the name Ronald:

Ronald symbolizes power and wisdom.

Style of the name Ronald:


Gender of the name Ronald:

Ronald has been a traditional masculine name in Celtic and Nordic cultures for centuries.

Pronunciation of the name Ronald:


Syllables in the name Ronald:


Emotion evoked from the name Ronald:

Ronald comes across as a stately, sharp, and intelligent name.

Alternative spellings for the name Ronald:

Ronnald, Ronalld

Nicknames for the name Ronald:

Ron, Ronnie, Ronny

Popularity of the name Ronald:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Ronald has made the list of the 1,000 most popular names every year since 1900. Ronald had its three most popular years when it stayed at #9 during 1943, 1942, and 1941.

Related names for the name Ronald:


Great middle names for Ronald and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Ronald:

  • Ronald “Ron” Howard (American filmmaker)
  • Ronald “Ron” Perlman (American film star)
  • Ronald Reagan (40th President of the United States)
  • Ronald Torreyes (MLB player)

Ronalds in movies/pop culture:

  • Ronald Bilius “Ron” Weasley (character in the Harry Potter universe)
  • Ronald Raymond (character in the DC Comics universe)
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