From Apollo to Buddha to Conrad and beyond, each of these boy names that mean intelligent are unique and impressive. Explore these options — complete with meaning and origin — and find the best name to suit your son. Take a look!

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  • AidenAiden means both intelligent and smart and has Turkish roots. Also spelled as Ayden, The Walking Dead featured a character with this name.
  • AlbertAlbert is a German name that means intelligent. Most people associate the name with the famous mind Albert Einstein.
  • Alden Though Alden can mean wise, it also means an intelligent friend. It has roots in old English.
  • AlfredAlfred is an English name that translates to wise counsel. Some people know Alfred as the name of the butler from the Batman franchise.
  • Apollo – Apollo serves as a boy's name that means intelligent and wise. This name first appeared in Greek mythology.
  • Bertrand Parents looking for a traditional name that means intelligent might go with Bertrand. Bertrand comes from a French term and can mean glorious.
  • Buddha When used as a child's name, Buddha means someone who is smart and enlightened. Buddha has roots in Buddhism where it is popular among followers and the Sanskrit culture.
  • ConradThe name Conrad means wise counsel and has German origins. Parents who love the name but want a more unique option can spell it as Konrad.
  • Cuthbert Cuthbert is an unusual name that means someone who is bright and intelligent. Though often used as a last name, Cuthbert is a first name in the English language.
  • Eldridge Eldrige is a classy boy's name that means wise ruler and can also mean an old advisor. This name was very popular during the 19th century and earlier.
  • Frode Frode is a highly unique boy's name that means intelligent and wise. This name comes from an Old Norse term.
  • HughThe name Hugh comes from a French word that translates to intelligent. Hughes is a similar name and an alternative spelling that comes from Germany.
  • JohnParents looking for a Biblical name that means intelligent can choose John. John can also mean someone who is clever and a quick thinker.
  • Mendel The name Mendel means someone who is wise. Originally used in Germany, the name can also mean someone who is always learning.
  • OdinOdin was the name of a Norse God and also means the God of Wisdom. This name became trendy after the Marvel films introduced the character as Thor's father.
  • Raghnall Raghnall means both powerful and smart or intelligent. Though not as popular as it once was, the name has Latin roots.
  • RaymondAs a boy's name, Raymond often means intelligent. Raymond can also mean a wise or smart protector and work with the nickname of Ray.
  • Redmond – An alternative to Raymond is Redmond, which means an intelligent protector. It often refers to people who are smart and can take care of others and comes from Ireland.
  • RonaldRonald is an Old Norse name that means an intelligent counselor or advisor. Ronnie and Ron are popular nicknames that go along with Ronald.
  • Seanan Seanan is a cute name that means a small and wise man. Though the name comes from Ireland, many parents shorten the name to Sean.
  • Socrates A classic and traditional name for boys is Socrates. This name refers to both the philosopher of the same name and the intelligence he had.
  • Solon The name Solon means wise one and connects to someone others trust. A popular musician Solon Bixler uses this name, which began in Greece.
  • Wilbur Wilbur comes from a German word that means brilliant and intelligent. This name is often associated with the pig from the kids' book Charlotte's Web.
  • Ved In Sanskrit, Ved is a boy's name that means sacred knowledge. It refers to information that no one else has.
  • Zeki A very unique name that parents can choose that means wise or intelligent is Zeki. Also spelled as Zeky, it is a traditional Turkish name.

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