What parent doesn't dream of having a smart daughter? Each of these girl names that mean intelligent is feminine and unique. From Cassidy to Bridgette to Rhetta and beyond, every one of these baby names is worthy of your consideration. Take a look!

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  • AbbyAbby started as a nickname for Abigail but is also a full name that means beautiful and intelligent. Other ways to spell it include Abbey and Abbie.
  • AkilahThe name Akilah means a girl who is intelligent and logical. Some people associate this name with the character from the film Akilah and the Bee.
  • Alberta Alberta comes from a German word that means intelligent and wise or bright. Queen Victoria popularized the name when she chose it for her daughter.
  • Bernadea In France, Bernadea is a name that means intelligent. Bernie is a popular nickname for this name, which relates to the name Bernadette.
  • Bertha Bertha comes from an English word that means someone who is bright or smart. Comic book fans know the name as one of the characters from DC Comics.
  • BridgetteOriginally used in France, Bridgette means intelligent. This girl's name is popular among fans of Bridgette Bardot and those who love classic French names.
  • Brilliance Brilliance is a unique name that means extraordinarily intelligent. Though the name has American roots, it exists in other countries.
  • CassidyCassidy means both smart and intelligent but translates to clever. Cassie is a popular nickname that goes along with this Irish name, but some parents may use Cass too.
  • DanaThe name Dana simply means wise in English. Dana was the name of several celebrities over the years and relates to the longer name of Diana.
  • Dara Dara comes from a Hebrew term that means nugget or a small chunk of wisdom. Some may know this name as it was a person related to Judah.
  • Ethelind Ethelind is a highly unique name that means smart or intelligent. It is a suitable alternative to Evelyn and similar names that were popular in past years.
  • Hye Parents can choose Hye for their baby girls, which is a name that means an intelligent and smart woman. Hye is a classic girl's name in Korea.
  • JadaThe name Jada means wise and smart. While it is a Hebrew name, it's also popular in African Americans cultures because of actress Jada Pinkett Smith.
  • Labbia Labbia is a name that means both intelligent and smart or wise. This name has Arabic roots but is not as popular today as it was in previous generations.
  • Maggee Maggee is a classic Irish name that means intelligent one and can also stand for the words that a smart person speakers. An alternative way to spell the name is Maggie.
  • Michiko The name Michiko means a beautiful girl who is intelligent. Michiko is popular in Japan as an empress who had the same name where some associate it with nicknames like Mickey and Mick.
  • MinervaMinerva is a Latin name that means intelligent or mindful. It was also the name of the Goddess of Wisdom in Roman mythology.
  • Pallas Another name that means intelligent or wisdom is Pallas. Pallas was the daughter of the Goddess of Wisdom in Greek mythology who many recognize as Athena.
  • PrudencePrudence is a classic girl's name that means intelligent and cautious. The character of Pru on the TV series Charmed had this as her full name.
  • RainRain is a cute name for girls that can stand for the weather condition or mean an intelligent counselor. This name comes from England and can also mean wise ruler.
  • Rhetta The Dutch name Rhetta means a wise and intelligent advisor. Parents can also spell this name as Retta, which is the name of a popular American comedian who appeared on Parks and Recreation and other shows.
  • Saffi The Greeks use the name Saffi to show that a girl is wise and intelligent. Saffi is an alternative to Steffie and similar names.
  • Salvia Salvia is a cute name that means smart and wise. It has Latin origins and is popular in eastern European countries.
  • Ulima This unique name means wise. Though it has some different spellings, most of the versions have Arabic roots.
  • Veta Veta comes from an English word that means intelligent or wise and is the female version of Veda. Some parents choose to spell it as Vetta.

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