Raising a smart son begins with his name. This list of boy names that mean smart will provide a solid start for an intelligent and happy life. Peruse the options and find the perfect name for your son!

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  • Aakil Aakil is a masculine Hindi moniker, meaning ‘smart.' You may prefer the spelling Aaqil. Both variations have the same definition and pronunciation.
  • Albert- Einstein comes to mind when thinking about smart names. This German moniker means ‘intelligent.
  • AlfredThe name Alfred evokes an image of an intellectual. This old British name means ‘wise counselor.’
  • Alvis From an Old Norse name, Alvis translates to ‘all-wise.' NFL football player (and coach) Alvis Forrest Gregg shares the name with Major League baseball player Alvis “Al” Woods.
  • Boman If you want a clever name for your boy, Boman could make a perfect choice. The moniker has Persian roots and points to a person with a ‘great mind.’ Actor Matthew Modine and his wife chose this savvy name for their son.
  • Conroy Conroy is a masculine Irish moniker with multiple meanings. Besides ‘wise advisor,' the name means ‘keeper of the hounds.' So your baby may not only grow up to be smart but a dog lover, too.
  • Cuthbert Cuthbert is the perfect name for a bookish tyke. Of English origin, it means ‘famously bright.'
  • Favian Favian hails from the Latin Fabius. It's a variant of Fabian and denotes a ‘man of wisdom.'
  • Filbert The name Filbert is a masculine moniker. Derived from German, it means ‘very brilliant.'
  • Frode From the Old Norse, Frode means ‘experienced, learned, wise.' You pronounce this name FRUW-Dah, but native English speakers may say “fraud.”
  • Gyan Derived from Sanskrit, Gyan makes a stylish substitute for the traditional Ryan. It has eastern philosophy influences and means ‘filled with knowledge.'
  • Hakim – Originating from Arabic, Hakim symbolizes ‘intelligence.'
    This name also represents Allah (All-Wise). In Africa, Hakim is a popular boy's name. Also, people use the name to describe the traits of a judge, scholar, philosopher, and physician.
  • HughHugh is a trendy choice with old-world charm. Prevalent among the Irish, it refers to the ‘mind, intellect.' It also represents the heart and spirit.' The name has English, German, and Irish influences.
  • Keen A boy named Keen sounds smart. That's because this masculine moniker means ‘sharp wit.' The name has Gaelic and Old English roots.
  • Mendel Mendel is a Yiddish name of Hebrew origin. It's a variant of the moniker Menachem, meaning ‘wisdom.' Famous people who hold the name include Gregor Mendel, father of modern genetics, and Mendel Sachs, an American theoretical physicist.
  • Quain A boy named Quain is bound to be ‘clever and quick.' This smart masculine moniker is of French origin.
  • Raghnall A variation of Reginald, Raghnall has German, Irish, and Latin roots. It means ‘wise and powerful.’ The name also refers to a strong person.
  • RaymondRaymond is a solid moniker for a genius. It's a German name, meaning ‘wise-protector.'
  • ReginaldThe moniker Reginald has sat on the U.S. popular names list since 1880. It is a Latinized form of Reynold, referring to a person who provides ‘wise advice.'
  • Savant Savant is a dapper name for a scholarly lad. The moniker first appeared on the chart as a male name in 2008. Derived from English, it refers to a ‘learned person.'
  • Senan Senan derives from the Irish Seanan. It means ‘old and wise.' Other variations include Sinon, Sinan, and Synan.
  • Solon ‘The wise one.' This is the meaning of Solon. It is a masculine Greek name.
  • Thamesh Thamesh is an interesting masculine moniker. From Indian etymology, the name means ‘smart.'
  • Wilbur If you're looking to pay tribute to older generations, Wilbur is an excellent option. This old-fashion name has German roots and means ‘resolute, brilliant.'
  • Vivek Vivek is an attractive Indian name for a clever boy. Derived from Sanskrit, it means ‘wisdom, distinction.'

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