From Huey to Albert to Talib and beyond, each of these boy names that mean clever is … well … clever! Explore the options — complete with origin and meaning — and find the perfect name for your baby boy.

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  • Risipi This name is rare. It is a good choice for boys that means “wise” in Kurdish.
  • AlbertAn old-fashioned name for boys, Albert means “noble, bright.” The name is of English origin. People named Albert are said to be respectable, honorable, and mysterious.
  • Zeki A unique boy's name of Turkish origin meaning “clever,” Zeki sounds fun and playful. This name isn't one you will hear often in the U.S.
  • Solon This two-syllable name for boys means “wise one.” It is of Greek origin.
  • Cong-Min For a great Asian name for your boy, consider Cong-Min. The name means “intelligent,” and certainly isn't commonly used in the U.S.
  • HueyMeaning “In bright mind and spirit,” the name Huey is of German origin. In the 1930s, Huey was a top 100 baby name.
  • Aldo – This Italian name for boys means “old or wise.”
  • Hakim An Arabic name meaning “wise,” Hakim is not commonly used in the U.S. In 2020, only 39 babies born in the U.S. were named Hakim.
  • Frode The name Frode means “wise.” It has Old Norse origin.
  • Toshiro The boy's name Toshiro is of Japanese origin and means “talented or intelligent.” It is also the name of a popular anime character.
  • Aleem The boy's name Aleem means “all-knowing one.” It is one of the names of the gods in Islam.
  • Vivek This boy's name means “wisdom, knowledge.” It is of Indian origin.
  • Aldrich Aldrich means “old or wise ruler.” The name has a French origin.
  • Berdy This Russian name means “very intelligent.” It is not often heard in the states, making it a name with originality and uniqueness.
  • Sabino The name Sabino for boys means “wise.” It is of Spanish and Latin origin. Boys named Sabino are said to be steady and balanced, artistic and creative.
  • Thanh The boy's name Thanh means “brilliant.” It is a Vietnamese name you heard often in Vietnam but rarely in the United States.
  • AlfredThe name Alfred means “elf ruler.” It is a name of English origin. Alfred Hitchcock is one of the most famous people named Alfred.
  • Ved This name of Sanskrit origin means “sacred knowledge.” It is a short, simple boy's name not heard often in the U.S.
  • Hikmat A Sanskrit name for boys meaning “an intellectual philosophy,” Hikmat is a unique name.
  • Farzan This Persian boy's name means “wise.” It is both a surname and a given name.
  • Talib Meaning “seeker of knowledge,” Talib is an Arabic name used a handful of times in the U.S. Talib Saweli is one celebrity with whom your child will share a name.
  • Gundruna The name Gundruna means “divine wisdom.” It has a Swedish origin where it is a common boy's name. It is almost unheard of in the U.S.
  • Basker The name Basker is uncommon. It means “Very knowledgeable and skilled person.” The name has Indian origin.
  • Matalino A name for boys that sounds sophisticated and charming, Matalino means “wise” in Filipino.
  • Kashikoi This name has a Japanese origin. It means “wise.” It is not heard of in the U.S. often. Pick this name if you want an exotic-sounding Asian baby name.

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