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Albert is a distinguished baby name for boys. Regal in tone, this name retains unmistakable relevance in popular culture. Albert “Al” Robbins is the name of a character in the C.S.I. series, and Albert Clifford “A.C.” Slater was also ensemble character in the Saved by the Bell series. Keep reading to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name Albert:

Germanic: Noble and bright

Origin of the name Albert:

Albert originates from the Old Germanic name Adalbert (meaning “noble and bright”). The name combined the elements adal (meaning “noble”) and beraht (meaning “radiant” or “bright”).

Symbolism of the name Albert:

Albert derives from the Old Germanic name Adalbert (meaning “noble and bright”). This Germanic name inspired the Old English counterpart Ӕƿelbeorht. Following the Norman Conquest of 1066, the French spelling Aubert replaced both the Old English and Old Germanic variations. English speakers eventually adapted the name as Albert. The name underwent a revival during the Victorian period due to the fame of Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Originally from Germany, he eventually became the consort of Queen Victoria. The symbol of the marriage of Albert and Victoria was the orange blossom.

Style of the name Albert:


Gender of the name Albert:

Albert is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Albert:


Number of syllables in the name Albert:


Emotion evoked from the name Albert:

The name Albert evokes feelings of royalty and renown.

Alternative spellings for the name Albert:

  • Aubert
  • Alberto
  • Albrecht

Nicknames for the name Albert:

  • Al
  • Ali 
  • Allie 
  • Ally
  • Bert
  • Bertie
  • Alby
  • Abie
  • Albie

Popularity of the name Albert:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Albert was the 564th most popular baby name for boys in 2021.

Related names for the name Albert:

Great middle names for Albert and their meanings:

  • Alder (old, ancient, noble)
  • Benedict (blessed)
  • Cadmus (one who excels)
  • David (beloved)
  • Fitzgerald (son of the spear ruler)
  • Frederic (peaceful ruler)
  • Koa (warrior, tall acacia tree)
  • Kristopher (follower of Christ)
  • Laramie (woodland, arbor, grove)
  • Mitchell (big, large, who is like God)
  • Orson (bear cub)
  • Percy (pierce the valley, hard steel)
  • Stanton (stone settlement)
  • Vlad (renowned prince)

Famous people with the name Albert:

  • Albert Spencer Aretz (YouTube personality)
  • Albert Belle (baseball player)
  • Albert Camus (writer and philosopher)
  • Albert Einstein (theoretical physicist)
  • Albert Maria Lamoral Miguel Johannes Gabriel (race car driver and aristocrat)
  • Albert Frederick Arthur George (father of Queen Elizabeth II)
  • AlbertLouis Pierre Grimaldi (son of Grace Kelly and Rainier Louis Henri Maxence Bertrand Grimaldi)
  • Albert Kamehameha (son of Queen Emma and Kamehameha IV)
  • Albert Turner Bharucha Reid (mathematician)
  • Albert Augustus Charles Emmanuel of Saxe (husband of Queen Victoria)

Albert in popular culture:

  • Albert “Al” Calavicci (character in the Quantum Leap series)
  • Albert Lozano (character in the Sims series)
  • Albert “Al” Robbins (character in the C.S.I. series)
  • Albert Clifford “A.C.” Slater (ensemble character in the Saved by the Bell series)
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