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The name August is traditionally one that was made for boys with Latin tradition. More popular forms of the name include Augusto and even Augustine. Now, however, many are choosing to use the name in a new-age manner in which any baby is receiving the name. Even famous celebrities like Garth Brooks have named their own children August. Find out more about this popular baby name.

Meaning of the name August:

Latin: majestic, venerable, exalted
English: great, to increase, magnificent
German, Polish, Scandinavian: shortened form of the king's name Augustus

Origin of the name August:

The first emperor in Rome actually had the name Augustus, and he was the individual who started to expand the Roman empire. He was named Augustus based on the month of August which was named after a Roman god, and it was a very masculine name. Parents began to name their children August as a shortened form of what they saw the king named as. It has dropped in popularity for male children, but females are starting to be given the name more than names like Augusta.

Symbolism of the name August:

Some children may be named August if only for the month that they were born in. Others, however, are given the name to represent a certain reality due to the symbolism of kingship and godhood as seen in ancient Roman times.

baby name August


Style of the baby name August:

The style of the baby name August is classic as it is based on Roman tradition.

Gender of August:

The gender of the name August in a traditional sense is more male, while in a modern sense, it is more for females.

Pronunciation of August:


Number of syllables in August:


Emotion evoked from the name August:

The emotion behind the baby name August is refined, strong, and a bit proud.

Alternative spellings of August:

Awgust, Auguste

Nicknames for the name August:

Aug, Auggie, Augie, Gus, Gus-Gus, Gust, Gusto, Stu, Goose, Gussie

Popularity of the name August:

The name August is ranked as number 155 as of the year 2020. It has been in the top 200 since the year 2015.

Related names to August:

Great middle names for August and their meaning:

Famous people with the name August:

  • August Brooks (daughter of Garth Brooks)
  • August Zuckerburg (daughter of Mark Zuckerburg)
  • August Maturo (actor, “Girl Meets World”)
  • August Reinhardt (photographer)
  • August Schellenberg (Canadian actor, Free Willy)
  • August Getty (fashion designer)

The name August in movies/pop culture:

  • August Boatwright (character in The Secret Life of Bees)
  • August Leffler (character in “3rd Rock from the Sun”)
  • August Frey (character from A Thousand Perfect Notes)
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