If you're looking for a feminine and impactful name for your daughter, explore this lengthy list of girl names that mean justice. Each naturally commands respect offers a unique alternative to more trendy names. From Leya to Jasmeer to Sabha and beyond, these baby names are absolutely delightful and inspiring!

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  • Adila You won't find the name Adila on the top trendy names chart. But chances are, you won't have to worry about your child sharing the moniker with a classmate, either. This cross-cultural girl's name means ‘fair and just.'
  • AletheaAlethea is an old-fashioned name dating back to the 16th century. In fact, the most famous person to bear the name was Alethea Howard, the Countess of Arundel. The name originates from Ancient Greek, meaning ‘truth.’
  • Astraia Astraia is a unique name originating from the Greek language. It refers to the ‘goddess of justice’ who is depicted in Greek mythology with wings, a torch, and the thunderbolt of justice.
  • Eura Eura is a feminine moniker of Greek origin. The name first appeared on the U.S. charts in 1920 and was very popular in California.
  • Eurydice From the Greek Eurydice means ‘wide justice.’ Unfortunately, the name is also associated with a tragic love story.
  • Giustina Giustina is the Italian version of Justina. It means ‘just and fair.'
  • Iukikina Iukikina is the Hawaiian interpretation of the moniker Justina. This sweet-sounding name means ‘justice.’
  • Jasmeer Jasmeer is a Punjabi name. Although it closely resembles the boy’s name Jasmir, as a girl’s name it means ‘justice.’
  • JustineFor some reason, the name Justine never reached the status of its popular brother, Justin. Still, it’s an adorable girl’s name, meaning ‘fair and righteous. It has French and Latin roots.
  • Justitia Not to be confused with Justina, this Latin name also means ‘justice.' In Roman mythology, Justitia was the goddess of justice.
  • Kimi The name Kimi is perfect for a girl with a strong sense of justice. Not only does it flow off the tongue, it means ‘righteous.'
  • Leya- is a feminine moniker taken from a Spanish word meaning, ‘loyal to the law.' In Hindi, the name translates to ‘lion.'
  • Masako As a Japanese name, Masako has many interpretations. One of the meanings of the name, which also belongs to the Empress of Japan, is justice.
  • Melydice Melydice is a sweet-sounding female name. It is of Greek origin, meaning ‘sweet justice.'
  • Michiko Michiko is an attractive and unique name for a girl. It is of Japanese origin meaning, ‘righteous way.’
  • Nakira Nakira means ‘the one who brings justice.' It is of Hebrew origin.
  • Nyaya Nyaya is one of the six pillars of Indian philosophy. The name comes from Sanskrit and represents ‘justice.’
  • Neethi The name Neethi embodies ‘truth, morality, and justice.' It is a female name of Hindi origin.
  • Rashida Rashida is the male form of Rashid, which is one of the names used for Allah. It’s an ideal name for a conscientious girl. It means ‘rightly minded.’ Variants of this Indian moniker include Rasheda and Raashida.
  • Sabha The name Sabha refers to the ‘court of justice' or the ‘king's court.' It is a feminine name of Sanskrit origin.
  • Sakshi Sakshi originates from Sanskrit. The name is often given to girls in Indian cultures and means ‘justice' or ‘witness.' It also refers to a ‘cute female.'
  • SandraIt’s no suprise that the name Sandra represents justice. After all, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court bore this moniker. This name, taken from Greek, depicts a ‘defender of humanity.
  • Sassi Sassi is a Latin name derived from the names Sabinus and Sabina.' It means ‘she upholds the truth.'
  • Vedadharma Like the other names on this list, Vedadharma translates to justice. It an Indian moniker for girls.
  • VerityVerite is one of the virtue names used by the 17th century Puritans. It means ‘truth' or ‘knowledge' or ‘justice exists.' Verity is an alternate spelling.

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