Give your daughter a strong foundation for a long and upstanding life as an honest contributing member of society. This list of girl names that mean truth will help you establish this vision for your child and will provide for her a name of which she will always be proud. Take a look!

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  • AletheaAlethea is a feminine moniker that means ‘truthful one.' In Greek mythology, Alethea was the goddess of truth. This name gained popularity in 16th century England with the rise of virtue names.
  • Alissa Alissa has German and Greek origins. It means ‘noble and true.'
  • AminahAminah is a female name of Arabic origin. It has a few meanings, including ‘honest and faithful.' The moniker first hit the U.S. Top 1000 list of names in 2015. It continues to climb in the rankings.
  • Deanda is an English-origin name for girls. The moniker refers to ‘one who has deep truths hidden inside.'
  • DeniceA variant of Denise, this girl's name embodies a ‘determined and truthful' person. It's of English origin.
  • Dylis Dylis is a name for a trustworthy girl. This feminine moniker has Welsh roots.
  • Elvita Elvita is a Spanish girl’s moniker. According to the U.S. Census, Elvita hasn't been given to a baby since 1984, making it prime for a revival.
  • Jacala Jacala is a charming name for a little girl. The English origin name refers to a ‘female who appreciates the truth.’
  • Jin – Jin Ae is a Chinese girl's name. It refers to ‘truth, treasure, and love.'
  • JustineJustine is the feminine equivalent of Justin. This Latin-origin moniker means ‘fair and upright.’
  • Lavera Lavera is an old-fashioned moniker with Latin and Slavic origins. First listed in the late 1800s, the name translates to a ‘truthful person.’
  • LaynaLayna is a Greek moniker. The name describes someone who is always truthful.
  • Leal Leal is a popular African name of French origin. This female name means ‘faithful and loyal,' two pillars of truthfulness.
  • Maeko Maeko is a Japanese feminine moniker. The points to a ‘truthful child’ and is pronounced as Mah-Ye-koh.
  • Naasiha Naasiha is a female moniker of Persian origin. The name refers to ‘someone who gives truthful advice.'
  • Nija The name Nija is an Indian-origin name given to girls. It represents truth.
  • Ritika Ritika is an attractive girl’s name. The moniker comes from Sanskrit and means ‘the joy that truth brings.’
  • Sadika Sadika means ‘she who is loyal and truthful.' The origin lies in Arabic.
  • Sassi Sassi is a spunky name for a little girl. The meaning ‘she who speaks the truth,' comes from the Arabic language.
  • Shaquana/Shaquanna Shaquana means ‘truth in life.’ It is an American name. The moniker is popular in the U.S. and Arabic-speaking countries.
  • VeraVera is a female moniker of Latin and Russian origins. Wordsmiths often use Vera as a clue for a four-letter name meaning truth.
  • Verlee The female moniker Verlee has American and Canadian roots. It is widespread in the state of Iowa and denotes an honest person.
  • VeronicaVeronica has roots in several languages, such as Latin, Greek, and English. In Biblical terms, Veronica was the ‘bearer of the true image.’ Legend says Jesus left an imprint in the towel St. Veronica used to wipe his face.
  • Viera Viera is a feminine name. It has roots in Latin and Russian. The Latin definition means truth. In Russian, it describes faith.
  • Yakini Yakini is an African-origin name given to girls in Swahili-speaking communities. It defines an ‘honest woman.'

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