If you hope to raise your adorable little boy into a strong and upstanding man, then consider giving him a name that conjures that notion. This list of boy names that mean truth features a wide variety of options — from Ernest to Candor to Alvaro and beyond. Explore the list and find the perfect name for your son.

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  • Alvaro- name Alvaro has Spanish, German, and American roots. This masculine moniker means ‘truthful and bold' and ranks as a top 10 boy's name in Spain.
  • Amitay Amitay represents ‘ultimate truth.' The name is of Hebrew origin and is a variant of Amitai.
  • Awdil If you want to inspire truthfulness, Awdil is a worthy pick. The name derives from the Arabic word adil, meaning honest.
  • Axiom Axiom is a name of Greek origin. In mathematics, an axiom is a ‘statement of truth.’
  • Candor Planning to teach your boy to always speak from the heart? The name Candor will remind him to express feelings and opinions without reservation. It's an English-origin name.
  • Caracy Caracy has German and English roots. In the 18th century, the German House of Hanover brought the name to England, where it gained popularity. The moniker describes an ‘articulate, truthful, and kind-hearted person.'
  • Cord If you're looking for a cool German name, consider Cord. It's a short version of Conrad and defines a ‘bold and honest advisor.'
  • Daishin Daishin is a masculine moniker, meaning ‘great truth.' The name is rooted in the Buddhist religion and refers to ‘one with a pure soul.'
  • Dharvesh Dharvesh is a Hindu name. It means ‘Lord of truth.'
  • Disung This adorable name has Chinese origins. A terrific choice for one who is ‘truthful and worthy.'
  • Ernest – The name Ernest has English and German origins.
    In the 18th century, the German House of Hanover brought the name to England, where it gained popularity. American writer Ernest Hemingway also bore this name. Earnest is a variant of this moniker.
  • Elizeus Elizeus comes from the Hebrew Elisha, meaning ‘God is my oath.' The name also refers to ‘one who seeks and understands the truth.'
  • Emmet- moniker Emmet has roots in several languages. It symbolizes ‘universal truth.' Also, the name refers to a hard worker, making it a perfect fit for a determined truth seeker.
  • Emin The name Emin is a top-ranking moniker in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It's the male version of Emma and a variant of Amin.
  • Farouk Farouk means ‘truthful boy' in Arabic. It is a popular male name in Islamic communities. From 1936 to 1952, Farouk I of the Muhammad Ali Dynasty reigned over Egypt and Sudan.
  • Fidelio Fidelio has Spanish and Italian roots. The name derives from the Latin fides, and refers to a truthful person. Christian parents favor this name for boys. Also, Cuban painter Fidelio Ponce de Leon held this name.
  • Haki Your adorable son deserves a sweet-sounding name like Haki. The name is of Swahili origin and symbolizes truth.
  • JustinThanks to Timberlake and Bieber, Justin is a household name. The moniker is an anglicized version of the Latin name Justinus. It has French and English origins and conveys the elements of truth.
  • Qotho – Qotho is a masculine name of Zulu origin. The moniker symbolizes honesty.
    Rashtin – Rashtin is an Australian boy's name. It represents truthfulness.
    Ritam – The name Ritam means ‘divine truth.' It's a Hindu boy's name.
  • Sadek Sadek is a masculine name of Arabic origin. It translates to ‘one who is always truthful.' Other forms of the name include Saddek and Sadiq.
  • ShaquanIf you plan on raising a truth-teller, Shaquan makes an excellent choice. This African name means ‘he always tells the truth.'
  • Talib – The moniker Talib symbolizes ‘knowledge and truth.'
    The name, pronounced tah-LEEB, is of African and Arab origins.
  • Trig Trig is a boy's name of Norse origin. It's also short for Trigonometry, a branch of mathematics. If you prefer an alternate spelling, try Trigg, Tryg, or Trygg.

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