From Erwin to Ames to Khalil and beyond, this list of boy names that mean friend is filled with a wide selection of handsome options. Explore the list to find the perfect name for your son.

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  • Alcuin Alcuin comes from the Old English name Ealhwine. It means the ‘home or protection of a friend.’ Also, Alcuin of York was the name of an 8th-century English scholar, poet, and pastor.
  • Ames Expecting a little extrovert? With a name like Ames, your boy will make pals easily. The name derives from the Latin Amicus, which means friend.
  • Berwin The name Berwin is a masculine moniker of English origin. It means ‘bright friend.'
  • Boudewijn Boudewijn is the Dutch version of the name Baldwin. This male moniker means ‘brave friend.'
  • DarwinDarwin is a masculine name of English origin, meaning ‘dear friend.' The moniker has continually ranked in the top 1000 of boys' names. It's also the surname of the father of evolution, Charles Darwin.
  • Delvon Delvon is a masculine moniker meaning ‘godly, proud, or bright friend.' It has Old English and Irish roots. Delvin is an alternate spelling.
  • DerwinDerwin is an anglicized version of the Gaelic surname O' Dearbhain. This Irish boy's name refers to a ‘gifted or dear friend.'
  • EdwinEdwin derives from the Anglo-Saxon moniker Eadwine. It describes a ‘wealthy friend.’ Edwin is also the given name of astronaut Buzz Aldrin.
  • Emilien Emilien is the male form of Emily. It’s a French-origin moniker.
  • Erwin Erwin means ‘respected friend. This masculine moniker is of German origin.
  • Emre a Turkish name that means friend. Famous bearers of this name include director Emre Sahin and chess grandmaster Emre Can.
  • Gladwin Gladwin is a male moniker of English origin. It means ‘happy friend.’ Gladwyn is a variation of this name.
  • Jeb Jeb, short, for the long-winded Jebediah has Hebrew roots. The name means ‘friend of God' or ‘beloved friend.'
  • Kadin Kadin is an aww-worthy name that means companion. It has Arabic roots.
  • Kelvin Kelvin translates to ‘river' or ‘ships of friends.' It has Scottish origins and derives from the Gaelic words caol and abhainn. Kelvin is also a unit of temperature in the International System of Units.
  • Khalil Khalil is rooted in the Arabic language. It derives from the name Khalil-ullah, meaning ‘friend of Allah.’
  • Lauge Lauge is a boy's name barely heard of in the United States. Nevertheless, it ranks in the top 50 boys' names in Nordic countries, particularly Scandinavia.
  • Levin Levin is a boy's name of German origin. It's means ‘dear friend.'
  • OscarThe male moniker Oscar has roots in several languages. It derives from the Old Irish name Osgar and means ‘dear friend.' Irish-born playwright Oscar Wilde is the most famous person to bear this name.
  • Oswin Oswin is a rarely used boy's name. It is of English origin and means ‘God's friend.'
  • Philip From the Greek Philippos, the name Philip means ‘friend of horses. It is composed of Philos (friend) and hippos (horse). The moniker belonged to five Macedon kings, including Alexander the Great's father, Phillip II. Also, the New Testament records two people with the name Philip: an apostle and a deacon.
  • Rafiq Rafiq is a derivation of the moniker Rafiki. It is an Arabic name meaning ‘intimate friend.' In the Quran Rafiq is a ‘friend of Islam.'
  • Rei The name Rei is a masculine moniker of Hebrew origin. In the Bible, Rei is one of David’s most loyal supporters. The name also has Japanese roots and refers to a person who is beautiful and blessed.
  • Selwin Selwin is an Old English name, meaning good friend. Its variants include Selwinn and Selwyn.
  • Theophilus Theophilus is of Greek origin. In the Bible, Luke describes Theophilus as a ‘friend of God.’

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