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Oscar is a vintage baby name that was more popular during the early 20th century than it is now but don't count it out. Like other “grandparent” names, it's making a comeback, but it's not yet so trendy that it feels overused. Oscar has two potential meanings — both of which are symbolic and honor the name's roots in Irish mythology and Scandanavian royalty. Oscar pairs well with both one and multi-syllable middle names.

Meaning of the name Oscar:

Irish: Friend of deer or someone who loves deer
Scandinavian: God's spear

Origin of the name Oscar:

The baby name Oscar is most likely derived from the Gaelic words “os,” which means “deer,” and car, which means “loving.” The name is also popular in Scandinavia and could be derived from the words “os” and “ger,” which mean “God's spear” in the Old Scandanavian language.

Symbolism of the name Oscar:

Oscar is largely associated with a character from Irish mythology who was a fierce warrior, so the baby name may symbolize strength and bravery to many new parents. The name is also associated with deer. In many cultures, the deer is a sign of innocence, peace and good luck.

Baby name Oscar


Style of the name Oscar:


Gender of the name Oscar:

Oscar is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Oscar:


Number of syllables in the name Oscar:


Emotion evoked from the name Oscar:

Oscar evokes the image of someone who is strong and masculine but also cute and gentle.

Alternative spellings for the name Oscar:

  • Oskar
  • Ozkar
  • Ozcar
  • Oszkar

Nicknames for the name Oscar:

  • Oz
  • Os
  • Ozzie
  • Ossie
  • Ozzy 
  • Ossy

Popularity of the name Oscar:

Oscar was a top 100 baby name during the early 20th century. It has fallen out of favor some, but it remains pretty popular. In 2020, it ranked at 215, according to the Social Security Administration.

Related names for the name Oscar:

Great middle names for Oscar and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Oscar:

  • Oscar de la Renta (fashion designer)
  • Oscar De La Hoya (boxer)
  • Oscar Isaac (actor)
  • Oscar Robertson (basketball player)
  • Oscar Wilde (writer)
  • Oscar Hammerstein II (lyricist and theater producer and director

Oscars in popular culture:

  • Oscar Martinez (character on the TV show “The Office”)
  • Oscar Madison (character from the TV show “The Odd Couple”)
  • Oscar the Grouch (character on the TV show “Sesame Street”)
  • Oscar Bluth (character on the TV show “Arrested Development”)
  • Oscar(character on the TV show “The Six Million Dollar Man” and The “Bionic Woman”)
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