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Felix was once a nickname in Roman culture, but it has since become a popular first name option throughout Europe. Even famous composers like Felix Mendelssohn and popes have held the name. Even now in America, Felix is almost a top 200 name option.

Meaning and Origin of the name Felix:

Felix is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning “prosperous” and “fortunate.”

Felix was a nickname first for the Roman general called Sulla from the first century. It soon became a name during New Testament times. The name became popularized among the Christian church, with even four popes carrying the title. The name has since been commonly used in Europe, especially during the Middle Ages.

Symbolism of the name Felix:

The baby name Felix started as a nickname for Sulla. He was known for bringing great success to Rome, so the name meant “lucky” or “successful.” Sulla even thought that he was blessed by the gods.

baby name Felix

Nicknames for the name Felix:

Felix is a cute name for boys. Even though Felix is a short name, there is a long list of nicknames to choose from. We gathered those nicknames in the list below to make it easier for you to find a great nickname for your baby boy.

  • Fee
  • Lix
  • Fox
  • Finn 
  • Feli
  • Lex
  • Flix
  • Flick

Style of the name Felix:


Gender of the name Felix:

Felix is a traditional baby name for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Felix:


Number of syllables in the name Felix:


Emotion evoked from the name Felix:

Felix is a classic name with a refined taste. It is strong and pure.

Alternative spellings for the name Felix:

  • Feliks
  • Felicks
  • Felixx
  • Fellix
  • Fellixx

Popularity of the name Felix:

The baby name Felix was a top 200 name in America until 1920. It did descend onto the top 300, then 400 lists until 2012. As of 2013, the name is back as a top 300 option and continues to become more popular. In 2020, for instance, it was rank 225.

Great middle names for Felix and their meanings:

  • Jude (praised)
  • Bruce (the willowlands)
  • Sean (God is gracious)
  • Luke (light giving)
  • Rhys (passion, enthusiasm)
  • Drake (snake, dragon)
  • Tate (cheerful)
  • Kent (high land, coastal land)

Famous people with the name Felix:

  • Felix Mendelssohn (composer from Germany)
  • Felix Lope de Vega (playwright from Spain)
  • Felix Nadar (French photographer)
  • Felix Pipes (tennis player)
  • Felix Solis (actor, “Ozark”)
  • Felix Vallotton (Swiss painter)
  • Felix Block (Swiss physicist)
  • Felix the Cat (cartoon character)
  • Felix Hoenikker (character from “Cat's Cradle”)
  • Felix Gaeta (character from “Battlestar Gallactica”)
  • Felix Unger (character from “The Odd Couple”)
  • Felix (character from “Golden Sun” video game)
  • Felix Renton (character from “Kim Possible”)
  • Felix Gunn (character from “Children of the Red King”)
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