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Jude is a name with many popular references, including Beatles' song “Hey Jude” and book “Jude the Obscure.” This name began as a Biblical nickname for Judas or Judah, however. It continues to be a top 200 name, primarily used for boys though unisex in nature.

Meaning of the name Jude:

Latin: praised

Origin of the name Jude:

Jude is the shortened form of Judas or Judah. The apostle Judas was the first to use the name, and he even wrote a book of the Bible with the same name. The Protestant Reformation helped to spread Jude as a standalone option.

Symbolism of the name Jude:

Jude has the same meaning as the names Judah and Judas. Each translates to the English word “praised” when considering the original Latin form.

baby name Jude

Style of the name Jude:


Gender of the name Jude:

Jude was a boy's name originally, but in modern times, it is used for girls too.

Pronunciation of the name Jude:


Number of syllables in the name Jude:


Emotion evoked from the name Jude:

Jude is a strong name with a simple feel. It is wholesome, kind, and natural.

Alternative spellings for the name Jude:

  • Joode

Nicknames for the name Jude:

  • Jud
  • JJ
  • Jay
  • Ju
  • Juju

Popularity of the name Jude:

The baby name Jude did not become a top 1,000 name option in America until 1954 when it ranked at number 966. The name is increasingly becoming more popular, and in 2009, it ranked at number 182. As of 2020, Jude is number 154.

Related names for the name Jude:

Great middle names for Jude and their meanings:

  • Wilder (untamed, wild)
  • Elias (Lord is my God)
  • Matthew (gift of God)
  • Zachariah (the Lord recalled)
  • Sylvia (woods, forest)
  • Anneliese (graced with God's bounty)
  • Natalie (birthday, Christmas)
  • Amelie (industrious)

Famous people with the name Jude:

  • Jude Law (actor, “Sherlock Holmes”)
  • Jude Christodal (singer, “I'm Sorry Now”)
  • Jude (apostle of Jesus in the Bible)

Judes in popular culture:

  • Jude (character in song “Hey Jude” by The Beatles)
  • Jude Fawley (main character in “Jude the Obscure” book)
  • Jude Heartfillia (character from “Fairy Tail”)
  • Jude Baker (character from “One Tree Hill”)
  • Jude (character in book “Jude”)
  • Jude the Entropic Man (character from Marvel comics)
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