The below list of girl names that mean song is filled with a variety of delightful and feminine options. From Geeta to Mavis to Odele and beyond, each is unique and deserving of consideration. Take a look!

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  • Carminda With a Spanish origin, Carminda means like a beautiful song. It is a combination of the names Carmen and Linda. The name Linda means pretty, so Cariminda is a pretty song.
  • Zemora Zemora means a song of praise and is a Hebrew name that is popular in Israel. It may also mean one who is praised.
  • Tehilla Tehilla originates from Hebrew and means song of praise and glory. It may also be spelled Tehila.
  • Keerthana Keerthana is an ancient Sanskrit word that means devotional song. It is still a very popular name in India and is suitable for boys and girls, but the names are spelled slightly differently.
  • CarolynOf English origin, the name Carolyn means a song of happiness or joy. It is widely used in England and the United States. In Italian, it is the feminine form of Charles.
  • Daina Originally from Lithuanian, Daina means song. It is also found in Hebrew meaning song or melody.
  • Edhiva Edhiva’s origin is an Old English word that means a happy song. It is from the Middle Ages and derived from the name Edith. It usually means the song has a very sweet tune and is often seen in Christian girls.
  • Geeta In Sanskrit, Geeta means a diving song. It is often linked to other names such as Geetanjali and Sangeet, all of which are music or song related.
  • Maraca Maraca is a Portuguese word that came to the Americas via the Brazilian language. It describes a rattle made with a gourd and used as a percussion instrument, usually for very lively tunes.
  • Ghina Ghina is Arabic for song or melody. It is a very popular name for Muslim girls all over the world.
  • Chanson In French, Chanson means song. It originated during the Middle Ages and was popular during the Renaissance. Chanson is a name used in many countries today.
  • MavisOriginating from Old French, Mavis means songbird. Today, it is most commonly used in English-speaking countries.
  • Odele Of Greek origin, the main meaning of Odele is a song. In German, it is sometimes used to mean wealth.
  • RaynaThe Hebrew origin meaning of Rayna is a song of the Lord as well as in Scandinavian cultures. It also has a Spanish meaning of queen.
  • Doina Originating from Romania, Doina means a folk song. A donia is a highly ornamented, free-rhythm tune that is often improvisational in a fixed pattern.
  • Shiri Shiri is the feminine word for my song in Hebrew. It literally means song of my soul.
  • Neima Of Hebrew origin, Neima means melody. It also means blessing from God in Arabic.
  • CharmaineCharmaine is an ancient Latin name that means singer. Charmaine is one of the many feminine forms of Charles.
  • Uyanga Originating in Mongolia, this beautiful name means melody. It is also the name of a province in southern Mongolia.
  • Cantrelle Of French origin, Cantrelle means song. It was brought to England during the migration from France after the Norman Conquest of 1066.
  • Lyre A Lyre is a stringed instrument similar to a small harp. It originated in ancient Greece to accompany songs and poems.
  • Ranim Ranim is of Muslim origin from Urdu via Hindi and relates to girls singing or reciting in a sing-song voice. The name is also used in Lebanon and the Czech language with different meanings.
  • Manzuma Manzuma is an Arabic name meaning song. It is one of the most popular names for Muslim girls.
  • Rani Rani is a Hebrew name meaning my joy or my song. It is also found in Arabic, German, French and Australian.
  • CarmenOriginating in Spain, Carmen means song and is the name of one of the most famous operas in the world. In several languages, Carmen has a slightly different spelling and also means garden.

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