From Lyra to Gita to Canta and beyond, each of these beautiful girl names that mean music is lyrical and poetic. Explore these baby names and find the perfect name for your daughter!

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  • CarolThis common name for girls means “a hymn or a song.” It is a feminine form of the masculine name Charles. This name was on the Top 10 list until 1971.
  • Avalee A combination of two names, “Ava” and “lee,” this modern, unique name for girls means “voice; the song” and has Persian origins.
  • Sangita A cool-sounding, three-syllable name for a girl, the name Sangia means Music in Punjabi. Give this name to a girl if you want uniqueness and originality.
  • Chantelle This beautiful girl's name means “singer.” It has French origins.
  • Gita This girl's name means “a song, divine melody.” It can also be spelled Geeta. The name is popularly used in India.
  • Jazzi The name Jazzi means “humble and talented,” words certainly describing a great musical artist. The name also references the jazz music genre. It is a fun and unique name for girls.
  • LyraLyra is a cute, simple girl's name. It means an instrument played by ancient Greek gods that were similar to a harp.
  • Aika This beautiful girl's name has Japanese origins. It means “love song.”
  • CalliopeA name meaning “beautiful voice,” Calliope was derived from Greek mythology. The three-syllable name is bold, creative, and fun.
  • ViolaViola means “violet” and shares a name with a special musical instrument played with a bow.
  • Minute A French word meaning “to dance,” the girls' name is closely related to music since one needs music to properly dance. The name is great for a girl.
  • Canta This name for girls means “to sing” or “singer of a beautiful song.” It has Latin origins.
  • Bhavi This name originates from India. It means “emotional,” exactly what music can make us when we listen to favorite songs. It is a good, original name for a girl.
  • Serenade A peaceful harmony of music is the meaning of the name Serenade. It is what a person with musical talent often does when singing to a person they love. The beautiful girl's name is creative and unique.
  • Celesta A charming name for a girl, Celesta means “heavenly.” The name originates from French origins. It shares the name with musical instruments sometimes called the bell piano.
  • Ashira A beautiful and elegant name for girls, Ashira means “I will sing.” The name has Hebrew origins.
  • Risa A cute girls name “laughter with music,” Risa has Italian origins.
  • Diva A bold name for a girl, the name Diva means “a prima donna, a singer of exceptional musical talent.” She could very well grow up to be the next Beyonce with this name.
  • Zimri A beautiful name for girls, Zimri means “my music, my praise” and comes from Hebrew origin. It was a Biblical name of one of the Kings of Isreal.
  • Tehila This fun girl's name has Hebrew origins and is a Hebrew praise song.
  • AaralynA cute and sweet name for a girl, Aarlayn means “a woman with the song” or “beautiful melody, song.” It is an uncommon name that will help her stand out in a crowd.
  • Celisa This name means “the song of joy.” It is a perfect name for a pure, sweet girl. It has Old Greek origins.
  • Hiva Of Polynesian origin, the name Hiva for girls means “a song.” It is uncommon and unique.
  • Renana A three-syllable name for girls, Renana is fun to say and means “joyous song.” She can be unique with this name.
  • Zemora This three-syllable name for girls has a creative vibe for modern times. The name means “a song of praise” and has Hebrew origins.

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