If you're looking for a unique and feminine name for your daughter, check out this list of girl names that mean healing. From Reseda, which means “healer,” to Aceo, which means “curing, healing,” each options on this list of baby names is worthy of consideration. Take a look!

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  • Sarmi A short, simple, and cute name for girls meaning “healer, peace, and harmony.” This name has Hindi origin.
  • Hira Choose the name Hira if you want an original, cute name for a girl. The name means “healer” in Japanese.
  • Eirny This name is pronounced like the name “Ernie.” It means “new healer” and has Scandavanian origin where it is popularly used.
  • Panacaea An unusual name for a girl shared by a Greek goddess who had special healing powers. This name means “all-healer.”
  • Carmenta Derived from the name Carmen, the name Carmenta means “magic spell, oracle, or charm.” It has Greek and Latin origins.
  • Reseda The name Reseda means “healer” and has Latin origins. The name has three syllables.
  • Reselda A three-syllable name for girls, Reselda means “healer.” The name is of Latin origin and a cute choice when you seek originality.
  • Aceo This cute three-syllable girl's name means “curing, healing.” It is of Greek origins. Girls name Aceo tend to be outgoing and confident.
  • ValerieA common name for girls, Valerie means “strength, health.” The name has been popular since the 1880s.
  • Saleema This name for girls means “healthy, protected.” It is of Arabic origin. Girls named Saleema are said to be caregivers, outgoing, and personable.
  • Cannenta A fantastic choice for girls, the name Cannenta means “healer.” This name is of Latin origin.
  • Tabeeba This Arabic name is used mostly by people of the Muslim religion. The name means “healer.” Girls named Tabeeba are said to be compassionate and idealistic.
  • Ho'ola Ho'ola is a cute name of Hawaiian origin. The name means “heal.”
  • Altha Another unusual name for girls is Altha. The American-origin baby name means “healer.” It has two syllables.
  • Shaffia Shaffia is an Arabic name meaning “healers, pure, mercy.” Girls named Shaffia are strong-willed, spiritual, and organized.
  • Giasone This name means “cure, heal, healer” and has Ancient Greek origin. The name is pronounced the same way as the name Jason.
  • Rafaela The feminine version of the name Rafael, this name for girls means “God heals.” It has Spanish origins.
  • Chilyoja In Korean, the word Chilyoja means “healer.” It is a unique name choice for girls.
  • Elethea An uncommon, cute, and powerful name for girls meaning “healer.” The name has an English origin.
  • Meditrina This name for girls was the name of a Goddess of Healing. The name isn't common but is sweet and exciting for parents who want something unique.
  • Shafiyah This gorgeous girl's name means “healer, one who heals and cures sick people.” It is a Muslim name.
  • Hygieia This name means “The goddess of good health.” It is an unusual, bright name for girls dating back from Greek mythology.
  • Shauska This name for girls means “the great one.” It is also the name of a Hungarian Goddess.
  • Daiji This name means “full of love and compassion,” a perfect name for a baby with healer qualities. It is a name used commonly by Buddhists.
  • Niramay Niramay is a cute name for girls meaning “of perfect health.” It has Indian origin.

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