From Adain to Dar to Ummi and beyond, each of these boy names that mean mother pay honor to maternity of various types. Peruse the list and find the most impactful and perfect-fitting name for your child.

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  • Adisiri This boy's name means “mother of the gods.” It has Greek origins.
  • Ummi This is an African name for boys that sometimes is used as a name for girls. It means “my mother.”
  • Hlif The name Hlif means “the mother of Alti.” The name has Norse origins.
  • Sanmatri This strong, bold name means “virtuous mother.” It has Indian origins.
  • Dimitar The name Diitar originates from India. It is a good name for a boy that means “earth mother.”
  • Occa The name Occa means “one who is defined by his motherland>” The unique name is perfect for a boy and has close ties to Judaism religion.
  • Yasoub This name is of Indian origin and means “love for mother.” Yasoub was the name of a prophet of Islam.
  • Anjure The name means “mother, God-like.” It is somewhat difficult to pronounce but easy to spell and has a top two-syllable name.
  • Dar The name Dar is one-syllable. It is a short, odd name that means “mother pearl.” Dar has Hebrew origins.
  • Anathon Primarily used as a name for boys, Anathon means “the priceless one,” sentiments most of us have about our mothers. The name is very unique.
  • Raem Most commonly a name for boys, Raem means “an affectionate, loving mother.” The name is most commonly used in the Muslim religion.
  • Demeter This name for boys is original and rarely used. It means “earth mother” and was the name of a Greek goddess.
  • Adain The name Adain means “resembling their mother.” It has been used as a name for boys for many years. This name has Welsh origins.
  • Angak A name with Greenlandic origins, Angak means “mother's brother.” Rarely is the name used outside of Greenland.
  • Anarvin This Indian name for boys means “mother, God-like.” It is an uncommon name so any boy it's given to can expect originality.
  • Huwa Huwa means “the mother of everyone.” The name with deep meaning has Arabic origins.
  • Sadaf This Arabic name for boys means “mother of pearl.” It is a name that stands out as a name with prose and confidence.
  • Bugga This name is a dialect for the Mother Goddess Durga. The name has Bengali origins and is a diminutive of the name Durga.
  • Helsin The mother of Lancelot, Helsin is a unique name for boys with the meaning of mother. It is of Arthurian origin.
  • Mokshagna A good name choice for a boy, Mokshagna means “the divinity who represents motherhood.” A boy with this name will always be original.
  • Dvaimatura This name for boys means “one who has two mothers.” It is of Indian origin.
  • Dharmaja Dharmaja was the mother of Dharma. The name is of Indian origin and very unique when given to a boy in the U.S. The name is common in the Hindu religion.
  • Bagavathi The name of a Hindu mother goddess, Bagavathi is a common name for boys used in India.
  • Ummey A good name choice for a boy, Ummey means “born of my mother.” The name has African origins.
  • Nontle Another name of African origin, Nontle is a boy's name that means “my mother.” It is an unusual name that draws attention when it is spoken.

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