Whether the meaning is “divine mother” or “our mother earth,” each of these baby names that mean mother offers a nod to maternal bonds or beings. Peruse the options — each unique and impactful — and find the perfect name for your child.

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  • Mania — A cute name for a girl, Mania means “mother of souls” and has a Latin background.
  • Abrianna — The name Abrianna means “mother or father of many.” It is a cute name that was very popular during the early 2000s. It is a great alternative to names like Brianna.
  • Virini — This name means “mother of sons.” It is used mostly by those in the Hindu religion. People named Virini are said to be friendly and generous.
  • Tiamet — This is a name that can be used to name a girl or boy. It means “Mother of Life,” and has Babylonian origins.
  • Kun Mai — If you want a Thai name for your baby, consider Kun Mai. The name means “the honorable mother”.” It is commonly used as a girl's name in Thailand but rarely mentioned elsewhere in the world.
  • Neith — An unusual name most commonly used for girls, Neith has Egyptian origins and means “divine mother.” The great meaning makes the name a stellar choice for parents of girls.
  • Urvi — The name Urvi is gender-neutral. It means “Our Mother Earth.” For parents seeking a simple, non confirming name for their child, this is a good choice.
  • Inaksha — A sassy and proud name for a girl or a boy, Inaksha means “mother.” It has Indian origins.
  • Noorin — Typically a boy's name, Noorin means “mother.” The name is a short form of the name Noder.
  • Emese — This Hungarian girl's name means “mother.” It is a simple and intense name for a beautiful little girl.
  • Sambu — Most often used as a name for a girl, Sambu means “He who was attended by the Divine Mother.” People with this name often have good character and are goal-oriented.Astarte: The name Astarte is unique. It means “mother goddess” and has Phoenician origins.
  • Nneka — This name means “My mother is great.” It has Igbo origins and is fairly common in some areas of the world. In the U.S. the name is unique and fun, most often given to a girl.
  • Umihana — The mother of Hani is the definition of this name which is most often used in the Muslim religion. The name has Arabic origins.
  • Panama — The name Panima means “The one who is the mother of God.” Typically, this name is given to girls. It is of English origin.
  • Jerline — A cool-sounding name for a boy or a girl, Jerline means “your mother's son.” The name has English origin and is the feminine version of John.
  • Majobo — This name means “mother of the job.” Of African origin, the name is very unique in the U.S.
  • Adanne — This name for girls means “her mother's daughter” or “a child who resembles her mother.” The charismatic, unique name has African origins.
  • Devyamba — A name that means “mother of the amazons,” Devyamba is most often used as a girl's name. It is an original and fun name.
  • Muthoni — The name Muthoni means “mother-in-law” in Kikuyu.
  • Jaanavi — This Indian name is mostly used as a name for girls but can be used as a name for boys outside the country. It sounds modern and cool and means “girl” or “mother.”
  • Mathai — The name Mathair means “mother” in Irish.
  • Ekaette — This is mostly used as a name for girls but can work as a name for boys. Ekaette means “My father's mother.” The name is of Efik origin.
  • Yewande — Yewande is an African name that means “mother has returned.” it is commonly used as a name for boys but can suffice as a girl's name outside of the country.
  • Devaki — The mother of Krishna, Devaki was a popular name for girls at one time. Though no longer as popular as at one time, the name is high-spirited and vibrant. The name has Indian origin.
  • Jagadamba — if you want an unusual name for your baby, consider Jagadamba. The name means “universal mother” and has Indian origins. It is an uncommonly heard name for girls.

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