From Autry, which means “noble strength,” to Abir, which means “strong, mighty, courageous,” each of these baby names that mean powerful is unique and delightful. Peruse these options — for both boys and girls — and find the perfect name for your little one.

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  • AndersA diminutive of the name Andrew, Anders means “strong and manly.” It has a Scandinavian origin. This name is not often used so it is a good choice for parents looking for a simple and unique name for sons.
  • WyattA gender-neutral name meaning “brave at war,” Wyatt is an Old English name. It's been in the Top 100 names since 2014. It is more common as a boys name but mysterious and beautiful when it is used to name a girl.
  • GabrielleA unisex name meaning “God is my strength,” Gabrielle has Hebrew origin. This name is fairly popular. Gabrielle is sensual and sweet.
  • Alaric A name for boys meaning “all-powerful ruler.” Alaric has a German origin. It is a regal and sophisticated name.
  • Autry This name for girls is cute and subtle. It means “noble strength” and has Old French origin.
  • Isa A short and simple name meaning “strong-willed,” Isa has a German origin. It is a shortened version of the name Isabella.
  • Bree This name is commonly used for girls. It means “strength or exalted one.” It has an Irish origin.
  • MarcellaA name for girls meaning “warlike,” Marcella has a Latin origin. It is a fun and stylish name.
  • Asta A unisex name meaning “divine strength.” Asta has Norweigen origin.
  • Imala This cute name for girls means “strong-minded.” It has Native American origin.
  • Takeo Meaning “strong like bamboo,” Takeo has Japanese origin. It is a common name in Japan but rarely heard of in other countries.
  • MaynardThis name for boys is both a surname and a given name. It means “hardy, brave, strong” and has a German origin.
  • Enzi This name has African origins. It means “powerful.” The name is calming and rarely heard outside of Africa.
  • Abir Meaning “strong, mighty, courageous,” the name Abir has Hebrew origin. It is a name with a powerful meaning.
  • Shakti This name is fun to say and very original. It has Sanskrit origin and means “power.”
  • Abelardo An unusual name meaning “noble and strong,” Abelardo has Spanish origin. It is used in the Latin community but even there, it is a rare name.
  • Quirillo This name for boys means “crossing swords, strong.” It has both Greek and Spanish origins.
  • Kwan For parents seeking an Asian name, Kwan is a great choice. This name simply means “powerful” and has Korean origins.
  • Uzi Meaning “God is my strength,” Uzi has Hebrew origin. It is also the name of a popular semi-automatic pistol.
  • Hamzah This name means “lion or strong” and has Arabic origins. It is a great name for a girl or a boy.
  • Amzi A short, simple name meaning “powerful,” Amzi is a good pick for girls or boys. Amzi has Hebrew origins.
  • Qadir This unusual name for boys means “capable, powerful.” It has Arabic origins.
  • Rostam This name means “brave, strongly-built, tall.” It has Persian origins. You hear this name often in places like Turkey and Georgia.
  • Mandla The name Mandla means “noble strength.” It has African origin.
  • Pacome Meaning “of strong nature,” the name Pacome for boys has French and Greek origin.

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