If you're expecting a baby boy, you're likely starting to think about names for your newborn. Set the foundation for your little boy to grow into a strong, respectable man by selecting an option from this list of baby boy names that mean strong.

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  • AaronAaron is a Biblical baby name meaning “mountain of strength.” The man in the Old Testament with the name was the brother of Moses who spoke to Pharoah for the Israelites.
  • EthanEthan means “strong” and “safe.” Ethan the Ezrahite had one of the first instances of the name, and he was a wise prophet.
  • AngusAngus is a Gaelic baby name translating to “one strength.” It comes from the Irish words “oen” and “gus” to create this meaning.
  • Kalmin Kalmin is an obscure baby name that means “strong.” The name is only modernly used as a first name, as it was once a surname.
  • EverettIn Germany, boars were a sign of strength. Everett means “strong boar.”
  • LiamLiam is a fun Irish baby name that means “strong-willed warrior.” It is a shortened form of William and remains one of the most popular names for boys in America.
  • OscarOscar does not have as distinct of a meaning of strength as the other names on the list. Its meaning is “champion warrior,” coming from Old Norse traditions.
  • Remo Remo is a Greek name that is rather unusual and means “strong.” Not much knowledge exists about the origins of this option, however.
  • BernardBernard is a Germanic baby name meaning “brave” and “hardy.” It comes from the root words “been” and “hard.”
  • Callan Callan is a Gaelic baby name that means “rock.” Some state, however, that it means “battle ruler,” which feels more strong, as it comes from the ancient name Cathal.
  • GriffinA griffin is one of the strongest mythological creatures. The baby name Griffin is just as powerful, however, as it means “strong lord” in Latin.
  • AndrewAndrew is one of the names with the most upfront definition as it means “strong” or “manly.” The name dates back to the fisherman Andrew who gave up his rough job to follow Jesus in the New Testament.
  • Denzel Denzel is a first name that comes from a place name meaning “high stronghold.” Denzel is a variation of a surname in England, denoting those from the stronghold of Cornwall.
  • EzekielEzekiel means “God will strengthen” according to Hebrew. The name originates in the Old Testament, where Ezekiel was a prophet who lived through the Babylonian conquest.
  • GarrettGarrett most likely means “rules by the spear.” According to the Germanic language, however, this correlates with adjectives like “brave” and “strong.”
  • HarveyHarvey is an Old French name that means “strong” and “worthy.” It could also mean “eager for battle” because it was a popular option among the Bretons.
  • Valentino In Italy, Valentino means “brave” and “strong.” It is this country's variation of the baby name Valentine, popular in Latin cultures around the world.
  • Gerard Gerard translates to “brave spear” in Old English. Again, the correlation of a spear to the meaning of a name showcases a sense of bravery and strength.
  • MaynardMaynard was originally a French and English surname that came from the Germanic name Maganhard. In modern times, however, Maynard is a given name that means “brave strength.”
  • OsirisOsiris means “powerful and mighty.” This name is that for the Egyptian god over the Underworld, who was one of the strongest.
  • Howard Howard means “high guardian” and “brave heart” in German. Originally, the name was a surname for noble families, including that of the Duke of Norfolk.
  • AndersAnders is a beautiful Scandinavian name meaning “brave,” “strong,” or “manly.” It is this culture's form of the name Andreas, which is behind the baby name Andrew too.
  • ZekeZeke is a short form of the Hebrew and Biblical name Ezekial as seen in the Old Testament. It means “God strengthens.”
  • Warrick Warrick has English and Germanic origins and mean “strong leader who defends.” Originally, it was a name for those in the occupation of making warrocks, which are part of a scaffold.
  • Kwan Kwan is a Korean baby name that means “strong.” It is also a common surname in Asian countries, as seen with Michelle Kwan.

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