If you're looking for a strong and hearty name for your child, check out this list of baby names that mean power. From Kana to Osiris and beyond, each name is unique and empowering. Take a look!

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  • EmeryEmery is of German origin. The name is unisex but has gained popularity with girls more than boys recently. It means “brave, powerful ruler”.
  • Enzi Enzi comes from the Swahili language of East Africa. It’s primarily a gender-neutral name but given more to girls than boys. It means “powerful”.
  • Chike Chike has African and Egyptian origins. In both origins, the name means “power of God”. In Africa in the Igbo language, it’s a name for a baby boy. However, in Egyptian the name is unisex.
  • OsirisOsiris has Egyptian and Greek origins. The name doesn’t directly mean “power”, but it does represent a God of the underworld and judge of the dead. He was one of the most important and powerful Gods in mythology.
  • Reginn Reginn is of Old Norse origin. The name means “ruler’s advisor, power, of the Gods”. In mythology, Reginn was the son of a blacksmith named Hriedmar. He was considered wise and skilled in magic. Commonly, it’s now used as a unisex name but is given more to baby boys.
  • Jashyia Jashyia has American and Hebrew origins. The name means “God’s strength, God’s power”. The name is unisex but is rarely given to girls.
  • Wei Wei is of Chinese origin. The name is primarily gender-neutral and changes its meaning based on the Chinese characters used. It means “power, great, towering”.
  • Haile Haile has English, African, and Ethiopian origins. It means “power, might”. It’s widely used throughout Ethiopia as a masculine name. In English, the name can be used as a unisex name.
  • Absko Absko is of African origin. It comes from Kenya. It’s a baby boy’s name that means “power and strength”.
  • Kana Kana comes from Japanese origin. The name is gender-neutral and means “powerful”.
  • Prabhu Prabhu comes from Indian origin. In Hindi and Sanskrit, it means “master, lord, powerful”. It’s often used to refer to God or Lord Krishna.
  • Edira Edira is of Hebrew origin. The name is a variant of the name Adira. It shares the same meaning of “strong, noble, powerful”. It’s a name given to baby girls.
  • Nero Nero has Latin and Ancient Roman origins. The name doesn’t mean “powerful” directly but means “strong, vigorous”. While it doesn’t mean “powerful” outright, Nero was an infamous and powerful Roman emperor. Nero is a masculine name.
  • Rieka Rieka is of German origin. It means “power of the wolf, power of the home”. It’s a variant of the names Erica, Rica, and Ulrica. It’s primarily a baby girl’s name.
  • Maajida Maajida is of Arabic origin. The name is a spelling variant of the name Majida. It’s a baby girl’s name that has a few meanings. It means “glorious, powerful, noble, respected”.
  • Terry Terry has French, German, and English origins. It’s unisex and a variant of a few names: Terrance, Terrell, Theodoric, and Thierry. It means “power of the tribe”.
  • Malthe Malthe has German origins. The name means “helmet, rule, power”. The name was popular in Denmark since the 13th-century.
  • LandryLandry has French, English, and German origins. It takes the Germanic compounds of land (land) and ric (powerful, ruler). It was widely used as a boy’s name in the past but is now given to both boys and girls.
  • Storm Storm is an American manmade name. The name is considered gender-neutral. It doesn’t mean “powerful” directly but represents how powerful a storm can be.
  • Keren Keren is of Hebrew origin. The name is given to baby girls and means “ray, power, beam of strength”. Biblically, the name was one of the daughters of Job.
  • Cathal Cathal comes from Irish origin. It’s a male given name that means “strong in battle, powerful in battle”. It was also the name of an ancient Irish saint.
  • Olis Olis has English and German origins. In English, it was when a family lived near fields of holly. In German, it means “a powerful man”.
  • Qadir Qadir is of Arabic origin. The name is primarily given to baby boys. It means “capable, powerful, competent”.
  • Julius Julius is of Greek origin. The name doesn’t mean “powerful”. It means “youthful, downy-bearded”. However, it was the name of the powerful Roman dictator Julius Caesar.
  • Maska Maska is of Native American origin. The name is a masculine given name. It means “strong, powerful”.
  • Uzziah Uzziah is of Hebrew origin. It means “the Lord is my strength”. In the bible, Uzziah conquered the Philistines and Arabians.

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