Is there anything more comforting than thoughts and images of peace? This is a quality you can capture for a lifetime when you give your child a name that means “peace.” Here is a list of baby names that mean peace — for both boys and girls and of varying origins. Take a look and select the ideal name for your little one.

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  • Kang Kang is a boy’s name of Chinese origin. Kang comes from the Zhou dynasty. It was the name of the 8th son of the founder of the dynasty. Kang means “healthy, peaceful”.
  • Ah-lam Ah-lam is a baby girl’s name from Chinese origin. It’s a popular name used name in Taiwan. The name means “peace, like an orchid”.
  • Kazumi Kazumi has a Japanese origin. The name is unisex and has several meanings. It means “peace, beautiful, harmony”.
  • Noe Noe has various origins. It shares French, German, English, Spanish, Catalan, and Hebrew origins. Noe is a gender-neutral name that means “rest, peace”.
  • Kazuya Kazuya comes from Japanese origin. The name is given to boys and has a few meanings based on the kanji. It comes from the word “kazu”, meaning ‘one’ or ‘harmony, peace’. It combines with “ya”, meaning ‘to be, also’.
  • Maluhia– is a Hawaiian name. The name is unisex, but it’s given to girls more than boys. It means “peacefulness”.
  • Placido Placido has Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian origins. It’s often the nickname for a person with a calm temperament. It’s a name given to boys. It means “peaceful, placid, calm”.
  • Miroslav Miroslav is a masculine name. It has Slavic origin. It means “peaceful glory”. Miroslav is also the name of a 10th-century king of Croatia.
  • Imhotep Imhotep has Egyptian origins. Imhotep was the name of a chancellor to the Pharoah Djoser. He was known as the architect of the step pyramid and a high priest of the sun God Ra. It’s a boy’s name that means “he who comes in peace”.
  • Tullia Tullia is the feminine version of the name Tully. It has Irish and Latin origins. It means “peaceful”.
  • Paccia Paccia is more commonly known as a surname but has gained traction as a girl’s first name. The name is related to Paz, Pax, and Paxico. It’s of Italian origin and means “peace”.
  • Jemima Jemima is of Hebrew origin. The name comes from Hebrew origins. It means “dove”. Doves are birds that represent peace. Jemima was the oldest daughter of Job in the bible.
  • Ping Ping is of Chinese origin. The name is gender-neutral but primarily given to boys. It means “peaceful, level”.
  • Galene Galene has Greek origins. Galene comes from Greek mythology and was the name of a minor goddess of calm seas. The name means “calm, tranquil”.
  • ErinErin has Irish and Gaelic origins. The name is given to girls. It means “Ireland, peace”.
  • An An is a gender-neutral name. It’s of Chinese origin. It means “peace”.
  • Godfrey Godfrey has Germanic and Old French origins. The name combines “God” (means God) and “frid” (means peace”). The name means “God peace, peace of God”. It’s a boy’s name.
  • Tully Tully has Gaelic and Irish origins. The name is unisex but is almost always given to a boy. It means “peaceable”.
  • Manfred Manfred Has Dutch and German origins. The name combines the words “ma” (meaning man) and “frid” (meaning peace). It’s a boy’s name that means “man of peace”.
  • ShilohShiloh is a unisex name. The name comes from the Book of Genesis in the bible. Shiloh means “peace, his gift, tranquil”.
  • Siegfried Siegfried is a Germanic boy’s name. It combines the words “sigi” (victory), and “fridu” (peace). The name means victorious peace.
  • Federica Federica is the feminine version of the name Fredrick. It’s of German origin. It means “peaceful ruler”.
  • Luam Luam is a gender-neutral name that’s given more to boys than girls. The name is of African origin. It means “calm, peaceful”.
  • SalemSalem is primarily a unisex name. Although it’s unisex, it’s given more common among males than females. Salem comes from Hebrew origins and means “peace”.
  • Zuma Zuma has Arabic origins. It’s a unisex name given more to girls than boys. It’s also considered a shortened form of Montezuma.
  • Shalom Shalom is primarily a gender-neutral name. It’s of Hebrew origin. It means “peace”. The name is also a greeting in Hebrew.

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