There is something so moving and introspective about rainy weather. If you're looking to evoke that same vibe from your child's name, peruse this list of baby names that mean rain. From Arashi to Hanish to Ulan and beyond, each name is unique and intriguing!

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  • Raine Raine has American and Estonian origins. The name has various spellings like Rain, Rainn, Rayne, Reine. The name is unisex in English. However, in Estonian, it means “advice, counsel”. It also is given to boys only.
  • Tal Tal is of Hebrew origins. The name is very popular in Israel. It’s considered a gender-neutral name. It means “rain, dew”.
  • Saar Saar has Hebrew and German origins. The name was once a popular boy’s name but now is commonly used for both sexes. It means “storm, tempest” in Hebrew.
  • Indra Indra is of Indian origin. The name is considered unisex. It means “one who controls the rain”.
  • Glaw Glaw is of Welsh origin. The name was once given to only girls but has since become unisex. It’s the word for “rain”.
  • Baran Baran has Kurdish, Turkish, Slavic, and Persian origins. The name shares the same meaning in Turkish, Kurdish, and Persian but doesn’t for genders. In Turkish and Kurdish, they’re boy names but unisex for Slavic and Persian. It means “rain”. However, in Slavic, it means “sheep”.
  • Achek Achek is of African origin. The name doesn’t directly mean “rain”. However, it is the name of the rain God’s wife in Dinka mythology.
  • Anzar Anzar is of African origin. The name comes from Berber mythology. It is the name of the rain god.
  • Reeham Reeham comes from Arabic origins. The name is common among those who practice the Muslim religion. It’s a name given to girls. It means “little rain, light rain”.
  • Taima Taima is of Native American origin. It’s a unisex name. The name means a “thunder crash”. It’s often given to children born during a thunderstorm.
  • Arashi Arashi is of Japanese origin. The name is often given to baby boys. It means “storm”. It’s pronounced like aa-raa-shiy.
  • Kapheira Kapheira is of Greek origin. In mythology, Kapheira was the daughter of Oceanus. She cared for Poseidon when he was an infant. Kapheira means “stormy-breath”. It can be interpreted as rainy conditions.
  • Zilan Zilan comes from Old Norse and Kurdish origins. It’s a name given to baby girls. It means “wind, storm”. The name doesn’t mean “rain” but in a storm there’s rain.
  • Dima Dima has Russian, Arabic, and Slavic origins. The name is thought to derive from the name Dimitri. It’s a girl’s name and has a different meaning based on its origin. In Russian, it means “strong fighter”. In Slavic, it means “earth mother”. In Arabic, it means “torrential rain”.
  • Ekaitza Ekaitza is of Basque origin. It’s a female variant form of the name Ekaitz. It used to be a popular name but quickly faded and made a return in the 20th century. It means “storm”. In a storm, rain is a major component.
  • Perun Perun is of Slavic origin. In mythology, Perun was the highest god in the pantheon. He was the god of the sky, thunder, lightning, storms, rain, and war. The name is very rarely used.
  • Ulan Ulan is of Philippine origin. The name is the Tagalog word for “rain”. It’s not commonly used as a name but if you were to make it one, it can fit either gender.
  • Hanish Hanish comes from Indian origins. In mythology, the name stands for the Hindu god of weather. He was also considered a messenger of God.
  • Storm Storm is an American manmade name. The name is considered gender-neutral. It doesn’t mean “powerful” directly but represents how powerful a storm can be.
  • Yu – Yu Shi comes from Chinese origins. In mythology, Yu Shi is the companion to Leigong and is the god of rain.
  • ThorThor has Old Norse and Scandinavian origins. In mythology, Thor is the god of thunder. He has power over storms, thunder, and lighting.
  • Thora Thora comes from Scandinavian origins. The name is a female variant of the name Thor. It means “thunder, goddess of thunder”. While it doesn’t exactly mean “rain”, it does have close associations because when it thunders, it most often rains.
  • Bengy Bengy comes from old southeast English. It means “overcast, threatening rain”. The name is pronounced like been-gee.
  • Reviva Reviva is of Hebrew origin. It’s a name for baby girls. The name means “rain, dew, mist”. It’s not commonly used outside of Hebrew-speaking countries.
  • Shaoni Shaoni is of Indian origin. The name isn’t very popular. It’s a girl’s name and means “born in a monsoon, monsoon”.
  • Ishya Ishya is of Indian origin. It’s a name for baby girls. The name means “spring”. In the spring, rain often occurs frequently, so while the name doesn’t mean “rain” directly; it’s associated with it.

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