From Dalfon, which means “raindrop,” to Mehul, which means “rain, cloud,” each of these boy names that mean rain is unique and masculine. Take a look at the list and find the perfect name for your little one.

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  • Dalfon Dalfon is of Hebrew origin. The name is very rare. It means “raindrop”.
  • Lokni Lokni is of Native American origin, specifically the Miwok tribe. It means “rain falls through the roof”.
  • Freyr Freyr has Old Norse origins. It doesn’t directly mean “rain”. In Norse mythology, Freyr is the God of fertility and weather. The name can represent rain, sunshine, snow, or any type of weather.
  • BrennanBrennan has Gaelic and Irish origins. The name derives from the surname Braonan. Braonan is derived from Braon which means “drop of water, moisture”. While it doesn’t mean rain directly, it can represent the beginning of rainfall.
  • Corentin Corentin is of French origin. The name doesn’t directly mean rain but means “hurricane, tempest”. It was the name of a 5th-century bishop.
  • Meriwether Meriwether comes from Old English origins. The name is commonly used as both a surname, first name, and nickname. It means “happy weather”. While it doesn’t directly mean “rain”, the name could represent it for those who love rainy weather. It’s often a name given to those who are cheery too.
  • Brishen Brishen comes from Romani origin. The name is only popular among their community. It means “born during the rain”.
  • Mazin Mazin is of Arabic origin. The name means “rain cloud, precipitation”. It’s thought to be derived from the old Arabic word “mozon”, meaning “rain after a drought”.
  • Adad Adad has Arabic and Greek origins. In Arabic, the name means “power, victory”. In Greek, it means “storm, flood God”.
  • Moe Moe has Burmese, Hebrew, and Norwegian origins. The name has a different meaning based on its origin. It means “plain, health” in Norwegian. In Hebrew, it means “to love, God’s helmet”. In Burmese, it means “rain, sky, heavens”.
  • Hadad Hadad is of Hebrew origin. The name is biblical. In the bible, Hadad meant “thunder”. It was also the Akkadian God of rain.
  • Tlaloc Tlaloc is of Aztec origin. The name is from the Nahuatl language. Directly translated it means “of the earth”. In mythology, Tlaloc is the God of rain.
  • Kuraokami Kuraokami is of Japanese origin. It’s actually the name of a dragon from mythology. It’s the Shinto deity of rain and snow.
  • Zeus Zeus is of Greek origin. In mythology, Zeus is known as a super-powerful god. He was the god of rain, sky, thunder, and lighting. He’s also the king of the gods.
  • Lono Lono is of Hawaiian origin. In Hawaiian religion, Lono is the god of fertility, rain, music, and peace. The name doesn’t mean “rain” but the name is associated with it.
  • Wollunqua Wollunqua is of Australian Aboriginal origin. In mythology, he was the snake god of rain and fertility.
  • Iravat Iravat is of Indian origin. It’s a trendy name for boys. It means “rain clouds”.
  • Rouble Rouble is of Indian origin. The name isn’t very common outside of the Hindu religion. It means “born during the rainy season, money”.
  • Savan Savan comes from Indian origins. It means “one who offers a sacrifice to god, rain during monsoon season”. It’s pronounced like saa-vae-n.
  • Varshal Varshal comes from Indian origins. The name is popular in the Hindu religion. It means “rain”.
  • Zryan Zryan is of Kurdish origin. The name doesn’t mean “rain” but means “storm”. It represents a strong personality and various levels of rain because a storm can have light or heavy rain.
  • Uteki Uteki is of Japanese origin. The name isn’t popular. It means “raindrops”.
  • Zenebe Zenebe has African and Ethiopian origins. The name is well-known and popular for baby boys in Ethiopia but is rarely used elsewhere. In Amharic, it means “raining”.
  • Mehul Mehul is of Indian origin. The name has notable and famous people who have it. The name means “rain, cloud”.
  • Phirun Phirun is of Khmer origin. In mythology, Phirun is the name of a rain God for Southeast Asia. The name is thought to derive from Varuna.

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