Whether you're looking for baby names that mean rainbow or some variation thereof — such as “bright” or “colorful,” this list has you covered. Peruse the options and find the perfect name for your little one.

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  • Nuiit A popular name in Egypt, Nuiit serves as a name primarily for boys but can be used to name a girl. It simply means “sky.”
  • Rainbeau This name has French origins. It means “beautiful” in France and serves as an awesome spin on the American word “rainbow.”
  • LucaThis name means “bringer of light.” It serves as a good name choice for a boy or girl. The name is derived from the Latin name Lucas.
  • Akiko This Japanese name means “bright,” the perfect description of a colorful rainbow.
  • SkyeA gender-neutral name suitable for girls and boys, the name Skye means “cloud,” a great choice representing the rainbow.
  • IrisThe name of a beautiful flower, Iris means “rainbow.” It's a modern, fun name for a girl.
  • Ambert Meaning “bright or a shining light,” the name Ambert for boys is masculine and unique. The name has German origins.
  • ShayA good name for a boy or girl with a Hebrew origin. This name means “gift.”
  • Meriwether This name means “happy weather,” unquestionably the aurora a rainbow gives to us. Meriwether suits as a girl or boy name but most commonly is used to name a boy. The name has Middle-English origins.
  • Amari Often associated with names for girls, Amari has become quite gender-neutral in its usage in recent times. The name is pleasant and common and has a meaning of “miracle of God,” exactly how we describe a rainbow.
  • Neven A name suited for a boy or a girl, Neven means “sky.” It has Breton origins.
  • Kiren Kiren means “ray of light.” The name has Indian origins.
  • Zenith Although many associate the name Zenith with a popular electronics manufacturer, it's a popular gender-neutral name in England. It means “overhead,” perfect for a rainbow-themed name.
  • Payne This name is unisex and fairly unique. It means “sky blue.” The name originates from Mapudungun.
  • Clarabelle This name for girls means “bright and beautiful,” just like the rainbow. It is commonly used in southern states in the U.S. and has a Latin origin.
  • Myrsky This is a French name. It is unisex so can be given to a boy or a girl. The name means “sky.”
  • Amaterasu This name means “shines from the sky,” a perfect representation of a rainbow. It has Japanese origins.
  • Ilka This name means “shining bright.” It has a Hungarian origin. It is a common name for girls.
  • Theodosia A girl's name, Theodosia means “gift from God.” Rainbows are delivered from the heavens, making this name suitable. It has Biblical origins.
  • Cyan A unique name for a girl or boy, Cyan means “greenish-blue color,” which can serve as a representation of the colors of the rainbow. The name has American origins.
  • Moe A name for a girl or a boy, Moe is often used as a nickname. It means “sky, rain,” all of which have exact associations with a rainbow. Moe is a Burmese name.
  • Azul This gender-neutral name represents one of the beautiful colors of the rainbow and has a simple meaning of “blue.”
  • Jalus — A popular name in the UK meaning “rainbow body.”
  • Aksha This name has Indian origins. It means “gift from God.”
  • Dayshaun A name good for a boy or a girl, Dayshaun means “God's gift of hope.” Dayshaun is an American name.

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