If you're looking for a dreamy and mysterious name for your daughter, explore this list of girl names that mean night. Luna, Lyra, Celeste … each name is intriguing and feminine. Take a look!

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  • CynthiaCynthia is also known as Artemis, the Moon Goddess. Since the moon is only visible at night, it's a great name to honor the night. Cynthia is easily shortened to Cindy with alternate spellings of Cyndy or Cyndi.
  • Nyx Nyx is a Greek name that means night. The edgy name is perfect as a first or middle name. The male version of Nyx is Nox, which translates the same for either gender.
  • AdrienneAdrienne means “dark lady from the sea.” Adrienne is often shortened to Adri. Alternate spellings of Adrienne include Adrian or Adrianne.
  • EstelleEstelle in French means “star.” Like the moon, stars are only out during the night. Estelle is often shortened to Stella or Elle.
  • Esmeray Esmeray is an unusual little girls' name that means “dark moon.” The three-syllable name offers plenty of nickname options including Esme, Ray, and May.
  • TwylaTwyla is an American name that means twilight. Twilight is the time between day and night, which makes it perfect for little girls born just as the sun begins to set.
  • Luna – Luna is Latin in origin. In this language, it means moon. The name grew in popularity over the last few decades thanks to a central character with the same name in the Harry Potter series.
  • AmayaAmaya is a female name with Japanese origins. It means “rain at night.” Nicknames for Amaya include Maya.
  • CelesteCeleste is a Latin Origin name that means heavenly. Many people believe that heavenly bodies are best seen at night, which makes it a great name for baby girl bundles of joy.
  • LyraLyra is the name of a constellation that can only be seen at night. The Greek Origin name traditional means lyre.
  • Jemisha Jemisha has Sanskrit origins. The name is translated to mean “queen of the midnight, darkness.” Nicknames for Jemisha include Jem and Misha.
  • LaylaLayla is an Arabic name that means nighttime. It is popular in many countries and has a variety of spellings including Laila and Leila.
  • Anniki Anniki is the name of a Finnish goddess of night according to mythology. The name has Finnish origins and is often shortened to Nikki.
  • Kerrianne Kerrianne is a beautiful sounding name that rolls off the tongue. It traditional means dark or dusky, which are both associated with nighttime.
  • Koko Koko has Native American origins. The two syllable name translates to night.
  • DianaDiana is an underused and beautiful girls' name. It is often associated with Princess Diana, but is also the name of a Roman goddess associated with the moon, hunting, and virginity. Goddess Diana was the protector of the wild animals. Nicknames for Diana include Di and Ana.
  • Maura Maura is an old-fashioned name that means darkness, which is associated with night. Maura can also be spelled Moira and has a variety of nickname options.
  • Amaris Amaris is a beautiful girls' name. The name translates to “child of the moon.”
  • Deva Deva is the name of a Hindi moon goddess. The moon association symbolizes nighttime and the name translates to “divine, godlike.”
  • CiaraCiara is a girls name with Irish origins. The Gaelic name means “night.”
  • Melanie – Melanie grew in popularity as a girls' name after Gone with the Wind was released. The name is also popular with parents that want a girls' name that means dark and black like the night. Nicknames for Melanie include Mel and Melly.
  • Bellatrix – Bellatrix is one of the star's in the Orion constellation, which is one of the easiest constellations to decipher in the night sky. The name is also popular thanks to a central character from the Harry Potter series with the same name. Bellatrix offers a variety of nickname options including Bella and Trixie.
  • CarinaCarina is the name of the constellation that includes the second brightest star seen in the night sky. Parents who want a night-inspired name for their little girl, can also choose the shortened version of Carina, Kara.
  • Eleena Eleena means shining in the darkness. It is an uncommon name and offers several nickname options including Leena and Ellie.
  • Lulana Lulana is an African name that means “shining moon.” It's a beautiful name that offers nicknames of Ana and Lula.
  • Liviana Liviana is a Hebrew name that means white moon. On clear nights, the moon is white in color. Cool nicknames for Liviana is Liv, Livi, and Ana.
  • Artemis Artemis is a poetic girl's name. The name is also shared with the mythical goddess of the hunt and often associated with the moon.
  • Charon Charon is one of the moons of Pluto. Charon is also known for gazing, which is perfect for sky gazing.
  • JaciJaci also pronounced Jackie is a Native American name. Through translation Jaci means moon.
  • Deva Deva is Hindi in origin. It is the name of a Moon Goddess.
  • Stellaluna Stellaluna is a Latin name that means both moon and stars. Both stars and the moon are both present at night, which makes it an excellent name for parents wanting a nighttime name for their daughter. Great nicknames for Stellaluna include Stella and Luna.
  • AylinAylin is a Turkish name that means halo around the moon. Cute nicknames for Aylin include Lynn.
  • NeomaNeoma has Greek and Hebrew origins. It is a celestial girl's name with subtle moon meanings.

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