From Atlas to Orion and beyond, this list of boy names that mean night is filled with handsome and intriguing options. Explore this list of names and their meanings, and select a moniker that best suits your little one.

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  • AtlasAtlas is a Greek origin name. It means to carry, and is also one of the moons of Saturn.
  • SterlingSterling is an Old English name. It translates to “little star.” Sterling is also a type of jewelry, fine jewelry, which adds a bit of class to the name choice.
  • Jericho Jericho is the name of a famous star only seen at night. The star Jericho is said to be the “city of the Moon” according to Arabic culture.
  • Darcel – Darcel is a French name that means “night.” It is a popular boys' name thanks to the Jane Austen novel Pride and Prejudice.
  • Nash Nash is a trendy one syllable name and the name of a star in the constellation Sagittarius. It is an old English translation.
  • Duff Duff is a boys' name that means darkness. It's a Gaelic name and a great choice for boy children born at night.
  • SullivanSullivan is a great name for little boy babies that have eyes as dark as the night sky. The name translates to a “child with dark eyes.”
  • Luan Luan has Portuguese origins. It is believed to be the male version of Luna and is often shortened to Lou.
  • Sirius – Sirius is the brightest star that can be seen from Earth at night. The unusual name has grown in popularity because of Sirius Black, a central character in the famous Harry Potter series.
  • OrionOrion is the name of a famous constellation that can only be seen at night. It is most often used as a boys' first name, but could be used for a daughter as well.
  • ApolloApollo is a strong male name with roots in Greek mythology. Apollo was the son of Zeus. He was the god of medicine and extremely handsome. Parents wanting a strong name for their male children should choose this.
  • ColeCole is a boys' name that is incredibly popular in Scotland. The names means “swarthy.” It conjures images of coal black, much like the stillness of the night. It is also a name shared with kings and Scotland royalty.
  • DonovanDonovan is an Irish name originally only heard of as a last name, but has since become popular as a first name. It translates to mean darkness. Popular nickname options for Donovan include Donnie or Don.
  • ZekeZeke means shooting star. Not everyone is lucky enough to see a shooting star in their lifetime, which makes this a great name choice for parents who had difficulty conceiving or waited for their little bundle of joy for a long time.

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