If you're having a baby girl and you envision her being a strong and courageous warrior in life, then you'll want to give her a girl name that means warrior. Here are some powerful and feminine options that will inspire your selection.

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  • Fianna Fianna has Irish and Scottish origins. Fianna doesn’t actually mean “warrior”. However, in Scottish mythology, Fianna were bands of warriors. Some believe it to be the new meaning, while others stick to “white, fair”.
  • Marcheline Marcheline is of French origin. It’s the feminine form of the name Marcellin. The name means “war-like, warrior”.
  • Malin Malin is of Scandinavian origin. It’s the diminutive form of Madelyn. Malin means “little strong warrior, high tower, woman of Magdela”.
  • Minka Minka is of Polish origin. While it doesn’t seem like it matches, the name is considered the female diminutive for the name Wilhelmina. Minka means “strong-willed warrior”.
  • Aloisia Aloisia is of German origin. It’s the female variant of Aloysius. It means “famous fighter, famous warrior”.
  • Malou Malou is of French origin. It’s a combination of the names Maria and Louise. It’s a popular name in the Netherlands and France. It means “renowned warrior, famous female warrior”.
  • Ouida Ouida has French, German, and English origins. Ouida Comes from German elements of “fame” and “war”. It means “famous warrior”.
  • Shiwen Shiwen is a name of Chinese origin. It shares a few meanings like “warrior, knight, scholar, poem”.
  • AlessiaAlessia is of Italian origin. It’s a female variant of the name Alessio. In Italy, it’s a popular baby girl’s name and means “defending warrior”.
  • Bellatrix Bellatrix is of Latin origin. Bellatrix is thought to be a translation of an Arabic title that means conqueror or a variant of Orion. Bellatrix is also the name of a star in the Orion constellation. It means “female warrior”.
  • Aoife Aoife is of Old Irish origin. In Irish legends, Aoife was a warrior princess who fought against in sister in a war. Aoife means “beauty, radiant, warrior princess”.
  • Elda Elda has English and Italian origins. The name in English means “old and wise protector”. In Italian, it means “battle maiden, warrior”.
  • Hera Hera is of Greek origin. In Greek mythology, Hero was the wife of Zeus and Queen of Heaven. Her name was thought to come from the Greek word for “hero”. Hera means “protectress, hero, warrior”.
  • HildaHilda has Old Norse and Old German origins. It was the name of a 7th-century saint. In Old Norse history, Hild conveyed fallen warriors to Valhalla. Hilda means “battle, battle woman”.
  • Keilee Keilee has Gaelic and Irish origins. It has a few meanings like “light of the clan” and “meadow dweller”, but the most agreed-upon meaning is “warrior”.
  • Kella Kella is of Irish origin. Oddly enough, the name seems to be used more commonly in the Hindu religion. Kella means “warrior, warrior-like”.
  • Louella Louella comes from French origin. It’s considered a variant of the names Lou, Ella, Louise, and Luella. Louella means “famous warrior, renowned warrior”.
  • Romilda Romilda is of Old German origin. It takes the elements from the language like “hrom” and “hild” to give the name its meaning. Romilda means “glorious battle maiden”.
  • Valda Valda is of Old German origin. It’s the feminine form of the name Waldemar. While it doesn’t outright mean “warrior”, the meaning shares the characteristics of a warrior. Valda means “renowned ruler, powerful ruler”.
  • Earline Earline is of English origin. It’s the feminine variant of the name Earl. The name means “princess, warrior”.
  • Clotilda Clotilda is of German origins. It was derived from the Old German words hloda and hildi. The name was made famous by a 6th century saint that converted her husband, King Clovis, into Christianity. Clotilda means “famous battle, renowned battle”.
  • Imelda Imelda is a name with various origins (Spanish, Italian, and Old German). The name comes from a 14th-century Spanish saint. Imelda means “warrior woman, powerful fighter, universal battle”.
  • Luane Luane comes from German and Hawaiian origins. It’s considered to be a variant of the name Luana. It means “famous warrior, grace”.
  • Ildikó Ildikó is a unique name of Hungarian and Germanic origins. Ildikó derives from Ilda or Hilda. It means “fierce warrior”.
  • Quirina From Roman mythology, Quirina comes from Romulus. Romulus was the name of one of the founders in Rome. It has Latin origin and means “warrior”.

Having a boy? Here are some great boy names that mean warrior.