From names that mean “noble,” like Ethel,” to options that mean “queen,” like Regina, this list of girl names that mean royalty has a wide selection of impressive names that are quite majestic. Explore the list and find the perfect name for your little princess!

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  • AdaAda has roots in several languages. This regal moniker takes inspiration from Adelina and Adelaide, meaning ‘noble.'
  • Alysa The name Alysa stems from Germanic and Old French etymologies. Alternatively spelled, Alyssa, this moniker is a variation of Alice and means 'eminent, noble, or aristocratic.
  • AnneThe feminine moniker Anne conveys elegance. It's a Latin form of Anna and belongs to the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip.
  • CharlotteIf you're looking for a girl's name to convey royalty, Charlotte makes a great option. This moniker is the feminine form of Charles and the name given to Prince Williams and Kate Middleton's daughter.
  • Contessa Contessa is a name with a regal appeal. The moniker Contessa is of Italian origin and means ‘countess' or ‘royalty.'
  • Daria Daria is the feminine form of Darius. It's rooted in Persian, Latin, and Greek languages and means ‘kingly.'
  • Empress Empress is an English word name. As a title, it ranks higher than a queen and means ‘female ruler of an empire' or 'emperor's wife.'
  • EricaWith a name that means the ‘queen of all things,' your little one may grow up to be a powerful ruler. It has origins in several languages, including Germanic, Old Norse, and Italian. The moniker has held its own since the 1970s and currently sits in the top 1,000 female names.
  • Ethel- moniker Ethel has a regal air. This Old English name comes from the word aethel, meaning ‘noble.'
  • Eudocia Latinized from Greek, Eudocia was common among Byzantine royalty. The name belonged to Saint Eudocia, the wife of Theodosius II, the 5th-century emperor.
  • Iolani Iolani is an intriguing Hawaiian moniker. It represents the ‘hawk of royalty.' Furthermore, it is spelled Yolani and pronounced ee-oh-lahn-ee.
  • KinsleyKinsley is a feminine moniker. It is a given name and surname of English origin and denotes a ‘king's meadow.'
  • Princess – When it comes to female names that convey royalty, Princess sits high on the list. The moniker is of English origin and refers to the ‘potential of royalty,' ‘daughter of a Monarch,' or ‘woman of high rank.'
    Quanda – Quanda combines the names Quanna and Shonda. It means ‘queen' and is popular in African American communities.
  • QueenDerived from the Old English cwēn, Queen is a ‘title for a female royal.' Moreover, a queen is the most powerful piece on a chessboard.
  • Quinnie The name Quinnie is of Scandinavian origin. It is a feminine name that means ‘Queen.'
  • Reyna/Rayna Reyna is a popular Christian name of Latin origin. It carries the meaning ‘regent.' The moniker was one of the names of the Virgin Mary, who Christians call the ‘Queen of Heaven.'
  • Regina The moniker Regina has Latin roots. This female moniker is a favorite among Catholics and means ‘female ruler' or ‘queen.' Notable personalities that hold the name include American actress and director Regina King and American musician Regina Belle.
  • RhiannonRhiannon is a Welsh moniker, meaning ‘divine queen.' Greek mythology describes Rhiannon as a beautiful, magical woman who rides a white horse.
  • SadieThe name Sadie is a diminutive of Sarah. It is of Hebrew origin and means ‘woman of high rank' or ‘princess.'
  • Saija Saija is of Finnish origin. This soft, feminine moniker represents a ‘princess.'
  • Thailah Pronounced Tie-lah, this sweet name is of Thai origin. The name Thailah embodies a ‘queen.'
  • Tiana Tiana is short for Christina. This whimsical moniker is of Slavic origin. It got a boost after Disney gave the name to its first African-American Princess.
  • TiaraTiara is a perfect name for a little princess. It means ‘delicate semi-circled crown' or ‘jeweled headpiece' in Latin.
  • Zara Zara comes from the Arabic name Zahra. The moniker carries multiple meanings in different languages. In Hebrew, it means ‘princess.'

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