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The name Sadie has only been used as a first name within the last century. There have been songs written about the name, however, including the popular Beatles' song, “Sexy Sadie.” Though Sadie was originally a nickname on its own accord, it is now a very popular first name for girls.

Meaning of the Name Sadie

Sadie began in England as a nickname for children who were royalty who had the name, Sarah and means princess, lady, and noblewoman. The name has since become a popular first name on its own accord, giving a more fun vibe than the name Sarah.

The name Sarah and the name Sadie both mean princess as Sadie was originally a nickname for the name Sarah. Now, however, the name Sadie takes a step away from that regality, making its meaning more ironic, as it is a name that has a certain fun spirit behind it.

Baby name Sadie


Nicknames for Sadie

The name Sadie is a fun and carefree name, especially since it originally began as a nickname for the more serious name, Sarah. The name comes with a bit of an attitude and sassiness too. Here's a list of our favorite nicknames for the Sadie in your life:

Sadie Name Details

Style: Historical

Gender: Sadie is traditionally a female name.

Pronunciation: SAY-dee

Syllables: Two

Alternative Spelling for Sadie

  • Sady
  • Saidey
  • Saidie
  • Saydie

Sadie Name Popularity

The name Sadie was on the top 100 list from the years 1900 to 1908 according to the Social Security Popularity Index. It since dipped, even reaching ranking 994 in 1965. As of the year 2013, however, it entered the top 100 list, and even the top 50 list again, ranking at number 50. In 2020, the name Sadie remains on the top 100 list coming in at number 78.

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Great Middle Names for Sadie and Their Meanings

  • Rebekah (to bind)
  • Mae (goddess of springtime, warmth, and increase)
  • Caroline (free man)
  • Paige (assistant, helper)
  • Piper (pipe player)
  • Penelope (weaver)
  • Elle (she)
  • Joy (happiness, joyful)
  • Tess (harvester, to reap)
  • Cameron (crooked nose, crooked river)

Famous People Named Sadie

  • Sadie Robertson (reality television star, “Duck Dynasty”)
  • Sadie Ama (R&B singer)
  • Sadie Sink (actress, “Stranger Things”)
  • Sadie Stanley (actress, “The Sleepover”)
  • Sadie Rumfallo (professional dancer)
  • Sadie Calvano (actress, “NCIS”)
  • Sadie Sandler (actress, “Pixels”)
  • Sadie Dunhill (character from “11.22.63”)
  • Sadie Thompson (main character from “Miss Thompson”)
  • Sadie McKee (main character from “1934”)
  • Sadie Saxton (character on “Awkward”)
  • Sadie Hawthorne (main character on “Naturally, Sadie”)
  • Sadie Lloyd (character on “Family Affair”)
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