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Penelope is an adorable baby name that has been around since the story of “The Odyssey.” It was the name of Odysseus' wife in the story. The name remains a top 25 name for girls on the Social Security Index.

Meaning of the name Penelope:

Greek: weaver, “with a web over her face”

Origin of the name Penelope:

The baby name Penelope has two Greek origin stories. In one story, it comes from the Greek word “penelops” which is a kind of duck. For another story, however, it comes from the Greek word “pene” which means “thread of a bobbin.”

Symbolism of the name Penelope:

If Penelope comes from the word “pene,” it would make sense to mean weaver as these professionals work with thread. For the meaning related to a duck, it would be because Penelope in “The Odyssey” was raised by a duck.

Baby name Penelope


Style of the name Penelope:


Gender of the name Penelope:

Penelope is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Penelope:


Number of syllables in the name Penelope:


Emotion evoked from the name Penelope:

Penelope is a unique baby name that feels lighthearted, fun, and exuberant. It is a very wholesome name too, especially when paired with the nickname Penny.

Alternative spellings for the name Penelope:

  • Pennelope
  • Pennellope
  • Penellope
  • Penelopee

Nicknames for the name Penelope:

Popularity of the name Penelope:

The baby name Penelope has been on the top 1,000 list since 1922 at number 959. It became a top 100 name at number 56 in 2013, and a top 50 name as of the year 2014. In the year 2020, Penelope is a top 25 name ranking at exactly number 25.

Related names for the name Penelope:

Great middle names for Penelope and their meanings:

  • Jules (youthful)
  • Maeve (intoxicating)
  • Anne (God has favored me)
  • Brynn (hill)
  • Iris (rainbow)
  • Joelle (Jehovah is God)
  • Beth (God is abundance)
  • Alexandra (to defend, to protect)

Famous people with the name Penelope:

  • Penelope Cruz (actress, “Volver”)
  • Penelope Miller (actress, “The Relic”)
  • Penelope Spheeris (director, “Suburbia”)
  • Penelope Lively (novelist, “Moon Tiger”)
  • Penelope Keith (actress, “The Good Life”)
  • Penelope Houston (singer from the band The Avengers)
  • Penelope Heyns (Olympic swimmer)

Penelopes in popular culture:

  • Penelope (character in “The Odyssey”)
  • Penelope Pingleton (character in “Hairspray”)
  • Penelope Clearwater (character in “Harry Potter”)
  • Penelope Hume (character on “Lost”)
  • Penelope Garcia (character on “Criminal Minds”)
  • Penelope Guerrero (character on “The Purge”)
  • Penelope Proud (character on “The Proud Family”)
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