From Eris to Delilah to Ruse and beyond, each of these girl names that mean liar is feminine and intriguing. Explore the origins and meanings of each and see if the perfect name for your daughter is on this list!

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  • Cozbi This girl's name comes from the Hebrew verb (kazab) which means “to lie” or “to fail.” The name is found in Hebrew biblical scriptures and describes a Midianite woman who was the daughter of Zur a ruler in Mid. She had the unfortunate reputation as a beautiful and voluptuous princess who seduced Israelite men into sexual sin and idolatry.
  • LavernaThe name Laverna comes from English origins this version being the Latin one. She was the “Roman goddess of thieves and the underworld.” This makes the name perfect for little princesses who may be someone stronger than she looks at first sight. This pretty name is also known as Lavern in English. Laverne. from the French. is often associated with the pouring of adorations with the left hand often signifying “liar, cheats and thieves.”
  • ErisThis Greek name refers to the “Greek goddess of strife, discord and chaos.” The name also translates to “woman of discord.” Harmonia, on the other hand, was the goddess of concord where we get the word harmony. The name is feminine, edgy and just a bit naughty for those girls made more of spice than sugar.
  • Apate Fraus – The Greek origin name for girls Apate means “goddess of deception,” and the Roman counterpart Fraus is this culture's name for the “lying and troublesome goddess.” This is certainly a name that will bring out the spunk and forward nature that some baby girls today are known for possessing unlike their quiet and meek peers.
  • DelilahThis exotic sounding name for a girl comes from the Hebrew scriptures in the form of Samson's love interest who betrayed him with her feminine wiles. While the name most directly translates to “delicate,” “languishing” or “weak,” it can certainly be argued that the hauntingly lovely seductress named Deliliah is best known for her “deception” of this ancient strongman.
  • Mohini This female name is lyrical and beautiful for any baby girl. Mohini is a name that can translate to a woman who “enchants by her wiles” and can mean utterly “infatuating.” This feminine name originates in ancient Hindu cultures and was the name of the popular “Hindu trickster goddess” who used her beauty and intelligence to trick men into giving her whatever she wanted.
  • LeahThe name has Hebrew origins and means “weary one” or “delicate.” However, the Biblical story about Leah tells the tale of an infatuated man so in love with Leah's beautiful and younger sister Rachel that he agreed to work for her farmer father for seven years to marry her. Finally, the excited Jacob married his love who wore a veil until Jacob realized later that he had been “tricked” into marrying the older Leah instead. He had to work seven more years to marry his beloved Rachel. The name Leah casts a “shadow of deceit” and “tricks” in this tale of heartbreak and perseverance all in the name of true love.
  • RebeccaRivkah – Rebecca is an old Hebrew name that translates to “noose” or “to tie tightly” or “securely.” Early on, this lovely Jewish maiden would have been considered chaste and obedient. However, later, she conspired against her husband to trick him into giving her elder twin's birthright away to her favored twin by dressing him up as his brother. Rebecca will be remembered as a “trickster” or “woman who deceives” with “snares and traps” through time.
  • Ananasi- pretty girl's name translates to the “spider trickster of African origin” and lore. There are several intriguing tales about this larger-than-life character, and the name Ananasi itself comes from the African word for spider. These mythological stories are also found in Greece legends and other island locales.
  • Medea In ancient Greek mythology, Medea was a “cunning” and resourceful “sorceress” who is credited with helping her husband Jason get the elusive and profitable Golden Fleece. He ultimately left his “mischief making” and “trouble loving” wife for another woman, so the “trick” was on her in the end.
  • Calypso This strong female name is also pretty and has roots in ancient Greek mythology as a demi-god who “conceals” also known as “she who hides.” Calypso is an unusual, yet beautiful name, fit for any young girl who sometimes keeps her true intentions hidden. Caly or Callie would make cute nicknames.
  • Trixie This traditionally female name of English and Latin origins is typically translated to mean “happiness” or “bringer of joy.” The phonetic sounds of this name though clearly indicate a potential “tricky” young lady who may not be above a bit of “lying or fibbing” if it gets her what she desires.
  • Dysnomia This name originates in Greek mythology. It essentially translates to “the personification of lawlessness.” Can mean “deceitful, liar, one who fibs”
  • Kuma – Another cute name coming from Bulgarian folklore. This character was a beloved fox known for being quite the “trickster.” A lovely female name for sure.
  • Narada This pretty girl's name comes from Indian and Hindu legends and myths. She was considered a “clever trickster” using “exaggerated words and flattery” to spin her charms over men.
  • Sarka This unique and strong female name is of Czech legends and stories about a beautiful maiden character who used her “clever words” and “bag of tricks” to get out of trouble and to enchant the masses.
  • Sivanah This lyrical sounding name is from the ancient goddess who is a patron for “tricksters, illusionists and secret keepers.” A truly delightful name for any little baby girl.
  • Ruse This beautiful girl's name rather speaks for itself when it comes to its meaning. Can mean “to use deceptions” to gain something. “A crafty and cunning plot.” “Someone who uses trickery.” Cute shortened to Rue or Ru.
  • Sigyn This short, yet strong, feminine name comes from ancient Greek mythology. Specifically, this is that old “trickster” god Loki's wife. Enough said.
  • Mestra If searching for a strong, but still elegant, name for your little girl, consider the name Mestra. She was an ancient Greek character of myth and legend who used her “keen, cunning wit” and “powers of trickery” to sway those under her spell. Oh, and she could shapeshift at will too.
  • Sidero This lyrical name hails from the ancient Greece. She was the evil stepmother of Tyro murdered later for the goddess Hera. The name translates to “evil and devious nymph.” It is also found in other locales and cultures with many spelling variations. A more positive meaning is “luminous beauty” from the root word for star constellations.
  • Keres This lilting feminine name comes from Greek and translates to “evil spirits” or “deceptive spirits.” It is still a pretty girl's name with an authentic spelling.
  • Nukpana This is a gender-neutral name that originates in Native American cultures. Beware though, this name packs a powerful meaning of “treacherous and evil spirits” feared for centuries.
  • Hecate She is the ancient Greek goddess that comes in three forms called the maiden, the witch and the crone. Hecate is a dark goddess of the moon who rules the underworld and is considered a Queen of Witches. Her name translates to “one who operates from afar.” She's associated with “dark magic,” “demon deceptions” and is a powerful figure in witchcraft. If the name is too dark or strong for your little gal, why not shorten it to Cate?
  • Daeva Here is an original name that comes from India and means “evil deceiver spirt” or “demon spirit.” These dark feminine names are all the rage these days, and this name is trending in western cultures.

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