While there are very few girl names that mean destruction, there are plenty that give nod to the sentiment. Below, you'll find examples of such option. Explore the names to see if your new daughter's name awaits!

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  • Akuji This name for girls means “dead and awake.” It is a cute name with African origins.
  • Tempest The name Tempest means “storm.” When storms roll in, destruction is left behind. The name for girls is not unheard of but very uncommon. It has English origin.
  • Vendetta Although Vendetta used as a name is uncommon, it is a modern spin on a word that means “to hold a grudge.”
  • Khalida This name means “immortal” or “deathless.” The name is unique and certainly has an unusual meaning for an amazing girl. The name comes from Arabic origins.
  • Chiwa Sometimes used as a name for boys but most often a girl's name, Chiwa means “death.” The dark meaning of the name doesn't sway from its simplicity and casualness.
  • Tanda Tanda is a unique, fun girl's name for your little one. It is not often used, has creativity behind the name, and means “the seer of life and death.” This name has Native American origins.
  • Karma A word that is now commonly used as a name for girls, Karma means “fate or destiny.” It's often said that karma happens to bad people when they get what they deserve.
  • Omisha A unique and beautiful name for a girl, Omisha has Hindi origins and means “Goddess of birth and death.”
  • Damia The feminine diminutive of the masculine name Damien, Damia is a cute name for a girl that has a dark meaning. Damia means “Goddess of the Forces of Nature.” It has Greek origins.
  • Runihura — This girl's name means “destroyer.” It has Egyptian origins.
  • Adaliah Variant of “Adalia” that means “one that draws water, poverty, cloud, and death” in English.
  • Dabria A cute, simple name for girls that means “An angel of death.” The name Dabria has Latin origins and loose relations to mortality.
  • MaraA short, simple, and cute but mature name for girls, Mara means “sorrow” and “bitterness.” It comes from Hebrew origins.
  • Azrai A cute name for a girl, Azrai means “angel of death.” The name has Hebrew and Israeli origins.
  • Deianira A sweet, unique name for girls with a dark meaning of “man-destroyer,” Deianira has Greek origins. It was the name of a Calydonian princess in Greek mythology.
  • Ernaline This name for girls is mature and professional, yet still fun to say. The name means “serious” and “battle to the death” and has Norweigena and Celtic roots.
  • Clotho An unusual name for girls, Clotho means “fate.” This name is of Greek origins.
  • Persefoni An intriguing name for girls, Persefoni means “bringer of death.”
  • Nerezza An Italian name for girls, Nerezza is a beautiful modern name that means “end the darkness.”
  • Azazel In Jewish mythology, Azazel means “demon or evil spirit of destruction.” The name has a dark meaning but rolls off the tongue and sounds very modern and fun.
  • Kekete This name for girls means “Goddess of Darkness.” It has Egyptian origins. The name is unique, flows off the tongue, and is simple.
  • Sidero A cool name of Latin origin, Sidero means “evil nymph.”
  • Tuwlie This name means “death is inevitable.” It is a good name for a girl if you want something easy to spell and pronounce with a cool meaning. Tuwlie is of Kenyan origins.
  • Libitina An awesomely charming name for girls, Libitina is feminine and soft-spoken. It has connections to death and means “an ancient Roman goddess of funerals and burial.”
  • AdrienneA common name for girls of Latin origin. The name means “dark one.”

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