This list of girl names that mean raven is chock-full of a wide variety of feminine options. From playful options like Byrdie to more reverent names like Zapora, each is delightful and unique. Explore the list and find the perfect name for your daughter.

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  • Byrdie This name means “bird” or “an animal that uses its wings to soar through the air.” The name is of Celtic origin. It is an old-school name that has recently come back into style.
  • Ravenette A name using the word Raven, Ravenette means “a woman with dark hair.” It is a unique name for girls that is inspired by this blackbird.
  • MavisThe name Mavis means “songbird.” Ravens sing and talk in beautiful tones. The name has French origins. In 2020, 321 girls born were named Mavis.
  • Koraki An unusual yet adorable name for girls that means “raven,” Koraki has roots in Greek mythology.
  • Arabia The name Arabia means “ravens, desert.” It is a Biblical name that while not commonly used in the U.S. sounds sweet and comforting. The name is fun to say.
  • Palila This cute name for girls means “a bird.” It has Hawaiian origins. Girls named Palila are said to be courageous and determined.
  • Feather A great alternative to the common name Heather, Feather means “the coverings of a bird.” It is a unique and fun name with a soft sound.
  • Aderyn This exciting name for girls means “bird.” It has Welsh origins.
  • Ravenia A name derived from the word raven, Ravenia is a playful name for girls that means “raven, large blackbird.”
  • Zapora A beautiful name for girls, Zapora means “bird.” The name is unique, fun, and modern and has Welsh origins.
  • Faigel This name means “bird” in Yiddish. It is a rare name for girls. Faiga and Faige are two alternative names.
  • Tori This name is a shortened version of Victoria. In Japan, it means “bird.” The name is very popular in the United States.
  • Merla A French name meaning “black bird,” the name Merla is a variant of the masculine name Merle and the female name Meryl.'
  • Merletta The name Merletta is an alternative to the name Merla. It means “black bird, shiny sea” and has French origins.
  • AvaA cute, simple name meaning “raven; birdlike.” This name has Latin origins.
  • Tajra The name Tajra has Arabic origins. It is a name commonly used in Bosnia but not outside this country. Giving this name to a little girl ensures she has a unique name that's also fun and modern.
  • Cyerra This cute and modern name means “little dark one.” It's the perfect choice for raven-lovers looking for a fun, light-hearted name.
  • Nydia This sweet-sounding name for girls means “nest.” It's a great alternative to the name Lydia. It is not a popular name so she can enjoy uniqueness.
  • Avis The old-fashioned name means “bird.” It is not commonly used these days. It has Latin origins.
  • Enara This cute name for girls means “swallow,” which is a type of bird similar to the raven. The name has Italian origins and is derived from Latin.
  • Luscinia This name means “nightingale,” A beautiful black bird. It has Latin origins. The name was an epithet of the Roman goddess Minerva and as an English background. The name has been used since the 19th century.
  • Fiachra This name means “raven.” It has Irish Gaelic origins. Give this name to a girl if you want something unique, modern, and playful.
  • Enda The name Enda sounds cool and modern. It means “like a black bird” and has Irish origins.
  • Tzipora The name of Moses's wife in the Bible, this important name is a perfect choice for a little girl. It is unusual but serious and fun. Tzipora means “bird.”
  • Zamir If you want a non-Biblical Hebrew name, Zamir is a good choice. The name means “song, bird.” The name is not unheard of in the U.S. and is gaining popularity.

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