It's no surprise that names like Dora or Sojourner mean explorer. But there are plenty of surprising girl names that mean explorer too! From Abiana to Kymani and beyond, each of these options are delightful and unique. Take a look!

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  • CariThe name Cari is very common in the U.S. and several other countries. In Indonesian, the name Cari translates to “search.” It is a cute girl's name.
  • Kanna Kanna means “explore” in Icelandic. The name has been used in Japan for many years. The name is fun, young, and flattering.
  • Yatri This girl's name has Indian origin. It means “traveler.” The name is uncommon, unique, and eccentric.
  • Abiana This four-syllable name is beautiful and uncommonly used in the U.S. Abiana means “one who is born during a journey.”
  • Gitana This original name rolls off the tongue. It is a cute name for girls meaning “wanderer.” Gitana has Latin origins.
  • Makya A cool-sounding name for a newborn baby, Makya has Native American origin. It means “eagle hunter” or “one who hunts,” a terrific pick for an explorer-inspired name for girls.
  • Charaka A name with feel-good vibes, Chakra means “wanderer.” The name has a Hindi origin.
  • Njeri A name of Kenyan/African origin, the name Njeri for girls means “warrior” or “explorer.” This unique name is playful and unique.
  • WandaThis old-school name was commonly used at one time but is not as popular in the 21st century. The name means “wanderer” or “shepherdess” and has a Slavic origin.
  • KymaniA sweet, playful name for girls, Kymani means “adventurous traveler.” This name has East African origin.
  • Beatrix The name Beatrix means “voyager” and has a Latin origin. Ladies named Beatrix are said to be dominating and playful. The name is derived from the name Beatrice.
  • SairaDerived from the name Sarah, Saira is a more unique alternative name for girls. It has Hebrew origin.

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  • Yatra A sweet-sounding girl's name meaning “sacred journey, Yatra is a Hindi baby name.
  • Fernanda Derived from the masculine name Fernando, the name Fernanda means “wandering spirit.” The name has Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian origins.
  • Somerilid This unique name for girls means “one who travels during the summer.” It is a fresh, cheerful name of Sanskrit origin.
  • Dora Dora means “gift” or “gift from God.” However, it's the name of a popular kid's cartoon character, Dora the Explorer, and often the first thing people think of when they hear the name.
  • Vanda This name has a German origin. It means “family, wanderer.” It is not unheard of but not a popular name, making it a good choice for parents seeking originality.
  • BarbaraThe name Barbara was popular for many years in the U.S. It is the name of many famous women, including former first lady, Barbara Bush. The name means “stranger” or “traveler from a foreign land.”
  • LawandaThe name Lawanda means “little explorer.” It has an American origin. Girls named Lawanda are spontaneous, go-getters and free-thinkers.
  • Gypsy A mysterious name meaning “wanderer,” Gypsy is closely associated with the Romani people.
  • Asra A creative and cute girl's name meaning “to travel at night,” Asra is most often associated with the Muslim religion.
  • Sojourner This name means “traveler” or “journey.” It's also the name of former slave and abolitionist, Sojourner Truth.
  • Yayati This name has Hindi origin. It means “traveler or wanderer.” People with this name are said to be humanitarians and protective over loved ones.
  • Beah A cute girl's name, Beah can also be spelled several other ways, including Bia. The name means “voyager through life” and has Indian origin.
  • Travelle: name Travelle means “wanderer” or “traveler.” The name is uncommon in the U.S.

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