From Lupa to Akata to Kit and beyond, this list of girl names that mean fox is filled with a lovely variety of beautiful and impactful options. Explore the choices and find the perfect name for your daughter!

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  • Rena A beautiful, sweet girl's name, Rena means “fox.” It is a semi-popular Yiddish name.
  • Siyala A modern, fun name for a girl, Siyala means “fox” in Bangla.
  • Sionnach This girl's name is Irish. It is uncommonly used so it is great when you want a one-of-a-kind name.
  • Lisa The name Lisa means “fox” in Russian. Back in the 1960s, more than 50,000 girls were given this popular name. It's declined ever since.
  • Volplie A unique girl's name meaning “the foxes.” Volpie has Italian origins.
  • Kit A Japanese name that means fox, Kit is a standalone name or a shortened version of other names.
  • Rubah A flattering, simple name for a girl, Rubah also stands out as a unique name, especially in countries outside of Indonesia, where the name originates.
  • Akata A sweet name for a girl, Akata has Yoruba origins. It means “wild animal,” which perfectly describes a beautiful wild fox.
  • Tamaska This unique name for girls means “little wolf.” It pairs well with many middle names. The name has Algonquin language origins.
  • Connla This girl's name means “hound, dog, wolf.” It is a unique, charismatic name with origins in Irish mythology.
  • Suiko This name originates from Japan where it is very popular. It is an awesome name outside of Japan that means “water fox” or “water child.”
  • Madigan If you are searching for a stylish, creative, fun name for a girl, this is a good choice. The name means “little dog.” It has Gaelic origins.
  • Lobo The Spanish and Portuguese name means “fox.” It is a cute name for girls commonly used in Western India.
  • Lupa In Inuit mythology, Lupa was a she-wolf who raised two humans. This strong, brave name is a great original pick for a girl.
  • Sinopa Sinopa is a name that grows with a girl. It is cute, feminine, and mature. The name has Native American origins and means “fox.”
  • Vixen A fairly common name for girls, Vixen means “female fox.” The name is sometimes taken as an insult.
  • Azeria A beautiful name for a girl that means “fox' in the Basque language.
  • Boris This name means “short wolf.” It is commonly used in places like Russia, Serbia, and Bulgaria.
  • Conall This unique name means “rule of a wolf.” It has Irish origins.
  • Yvla This unusual name means “she-wolf.” It has Swedish and Norwegian origins.
  • Hyndla This unique name is derived from Norse mythology. It is unusual but a pretty name for a girl. It means “fox.”
  • Tocelyn This name has a unique meaning, “To Say Nothing of the Dog.” Not only do girls given this name enjoy a unique name, but it also has an awesome meaning. It originates from popular literature.
  • Janwar This name means “wild animal” in Hindu, which is a great way to describe a fox. The unique, two-syllable name is not often used outside Middle Eastern countries.
  • Villi A cute, simple name for a girl, Villi means “wild animal.” This name has Estonian and Finnish origins.
  • Foxina The origin of this name is unknown. Nonetheless, it is innovative and creative. Girls given this name are often caring and trustworthy.

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