From Dracona, which means “she-dragon,” to Nuri, which means “my fire,” this list of girl names that mean dragon is filled with fierce options for little girls. Peruse the list and find the perfect fit for your daughter.

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  • MindyThe name Mindy means “dark serpent” or “black and beautiful”. Since dragons are large reptiles, dark, and usually beautiful, the name Mindy is ideally used for dragon-inspired names. It was once considered a nickname for girls' named Melinda, but is now used as a primary name. Similar dragon-inspired names include Belinda, Belindo, and Bindy.
  • Khalessi Khalessi became a popular girls' name after the show The Game of Thrones debuted. Khalessi is the name of the “Mother of Dragons.” Obviously, if you're destined to raise dragons someday, you'll be grow up a leader and independent.
  • Edna Edna is an old-fashioned name that deserves a resurgence in popularity. The name translates to “fiery red.”
  • Idris Idris is a girl's name with Hindi origins. The name translates to fiery.
  • Anastasia – Anastasia is a Dragonborn name from the game Dungeons and Dragons. Nicknames associated with this dragon-inspired girls' name are Ana, Anna, Stacy, and Anya. Although the name is associated with Dungeons and Dragons, it is not just associated with mythical creatures.
  • Saphira – Saphira is a version of the name Sapphire, which means blue gemstone. It's related to dragons through the book Eragon. Eragon is a book about a teenage boy that finds and cares for a dragon egg. Saphira is a central character in the novel.
  • Brenna Brenna has Celtic origins meaning “blazing light.” The image is universally associated with fire-breathing dragons. There are a variety of nicknames that can be used with Brenna.
  • Linda Linda is a name associated with older generations, but it has great dragon imagery. The Old English meaning of this name is “serpent.” Dragons have serpent like qualities that make them impressive and difficult to defeat.
  • Lumi Lumi is the perfect girls' name for parents who are more into ice dragons than fire-breathing mythical creatures. The name translates to snow, which is bright and white.
  • Amelinda Amelinda is a unique name that means noble serpent. Dragons are often associated with noble times and royalty, which makes Amelinda a fitting name. Nicknames for Amelinda are other popular female dragon names including Linda, Melinda, and Mindy.
  • Chusi Chusi is a great girl's name reminiscent of a dragon because it means dragon flower. Dragon flowers are beautiful, which makes them a great choice for girl children.
  • Dracona Dracona is the female-version of Drake or Draco. The meaning of the name is “she-dragon.” A child name Dracona will grow up to be fearless, brave, and independent.
  • Orinda Orinda is a traditional Anglo-Saxon name. The name relates to dragons as it translates to fire serpent.
  • Melly Melly is a cute, girl's name with French and Greek origins. The meaning of the name is uniqueness and braveness, which certainly describes strong females and dragons alike. Nicknames for Melly include Mel, Elle, and Ellie.
  • Chumana Chumana has Native American origins. Through history, the name can be traced back to ancient tales of serpent-like dragons.
  • Hydra Hydra also spelled Haidra is the name of the multi-headed water dragon. Girls with this name are thought to use all of the inner abilities thanks to the water dragons' multi-heads.
  • Seraphine Seraphine means burning fire. Seraphine could be shortened to Sarah as a nickname.
  • Enya Enya is the female version of Aiden. The name has Irish origins. The Irish alternative to Enya is Eithne.
  • Scylla Scylla is a Greek origin name. When translated, the name means “dragon monster.”
  • BridgetBridget is an Irish-Gaelic name that means power or exalted one. In Irish mythology, Bridget was the name of the goddess of fire, wisdom, and poetry. In relationship to dragons, the name Bridget inspires images of strength.
  • Kelekona Kelekona is a Hawaiian name that translates to “little dragon.” It is a female-oriented name and can be shortened to Kelly, Kona, or Kele. Despite its Hawaiian origins, the name Kelekona is used all over the globe thanks to its meaning.
  • Kaida Kaida means “little dragon” in Japanese mythology. It also loosely translates to little one, which makes it the perfect name for a little dragon child.
  • NuriNuri is an adorable girls name. The name has Japanese origins and means “my fire.” Parents who choose this name for their daughters believe their child has a fire within them.

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