Whether you're looking for a name with a decidedly “green” bent, such as the Irish-inspired Patrick, or if you're looking for a name that depicts a literal green item, such as Dill or Forest, this list of boy names that mean green runs the gamut. Explore the options and select the perfect green name for your little boy.

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  • Patrick Patrick is immediately associated with St. Patrick's Day and the luck of the Irish. Because of its close association to the all green holiday, Patrick is a great green-inspired baby boy name. Patricia is the female version of Patrick. The shortened version of the boy and girl versions is Pat.
  • HunterHunter is a masculine name often associated with dark green woods. The shade hunter green is a dark, forestry green. Hunter is most commonly a boys' name, but it could be used as a girls' name too.
  • IrvingIrving is an English boys' name. It translates to mean “green sea.”
  • Dill Dill is a popular herb used to make pickles. The herb has a musty sweet smell and also makes for a trendy boys' name.
  • DrakeDrake immediately makes people think of dragons. Since most dragons are green, it is a good green-inspired name.
  • Basil Basil according to its Greek roots means “king.” In America, basil is the name of an herb popular with chefs. It is a great choice for boys.
  • Roscoe Roscoe is the perfect name for parents who like to deer hunt. Deer hunting is usually done in the woods with greenery all around. Roscoe translated means deer forest.
  • Moss Moss is dark green foliage that grows on trees. It is also a shade of green. An alternative spelling of Moss is Maus. A good nickname for Moss is Mo. Moss can also be a derivative of Moses.
  • Laramie Laramie is a great alternative to Jeremy, a more traditional name. It is a French name that also shares its name with a town in Wyoming known for swaggering western bravado.
  • Leaf Leaf a great one-syllable boys' name. Leaves grow on trees and are almost always green n color. An alternate spelling for Leaf is Leif.
  • ForestForest is a French occupational word that means woodsmen. Alternate spellings of Forest include Forrest, which was the name of famous actor Forrest Whittaker.
  • Oz – Oz is a trendy boys' name that reminds of the famous Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz. Oz can also be used as a nickname for Ozzy or Osmond.
  • Benton Benton is an Old English name that means “where the bear grass grows.” In some cultures, it simply means grass. Since grass is usually always a shade of green, it's a clever green-inspired baby name.
  • SilasSilas is an English and Latin name. In both cultures, Silas means wood forest. Anywhere there are trees, there are green leaves, which makes Silas a name that inspires images of trees and green leaves.

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