The below list of baby names that mean green barely scratches the surface. (Check out Boy Names That Mean Green & Girl Names That Mean Green for more ideas.) From Clover to Kale to Caper, each of these options shines a certain shade of green on the name search adventure. Take a look!

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  • Midori Midori is probably best known as a type of melon, green-colored liqueur. It's also the name of a gifted violinist from Japan. As a unisex first name, Midori rolls off the tongue beautifully.
  • Caper Caper is another trendy shade of green that also makes a great first name option. Caper is a dark, faded green color. It is also the name of a type of berries with the same name.
  • Teal Teal is a a dark, bluish-green color. It is a fantastic unisex, one-syllable name that is used more often for boys than girls.
  • Cyan Cyan is a shade of light-green/blue that stands out. The unisex name is perfect as a first name or middle name.
  • Oleander Oleander is a beautiful name on its own. It is green-inspired because it simply means green. A great nickname for Oleander is Lee.
  • Sage Sage is a Latin origin name for boys or girls. It is also a shade of green. Sage is also a popular herb that is green in color.
  • KaleKale is traditionally a shade of green. In some cultures, Kale is also translated to mean “man,” but is used for both boy and girl babies. Kale could also be spelled Cale.
  • BriarBriar is a botanical, English origin baby name. It is also the name of a famous animated princess, Briar Rose. It lends itself well to being a non-binary baby name.
  • Denver Denver is a trendy place name that can be used for a boy or girl. Translated, the name means “from Anvers,” or “green valley.”
  • AspenAspen is the name of a popular skiing destination, and also another word for a tree that is green or in bloom. Aspen is popular both as a girls name and a boys name.
  • Clover Clover is the plant associated with lucky, four-leaf clovers. It is also a symbol traditionally used in Irish culture. Alternates to the green clover are Clove.

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